Almost-naked LeAnn Rimes sobs on camera for her husband Eddie Cibrian in a new music video.

LeAnn Rimes New Music Video: Her talent as a musician and his proficiency with the iPhone was destined to go together.

The music video for “spaceship” by LeAnn Rimes was released on September 27. The clip is a personal one, depicting LeAnn Rimes in a desert location while wearing just a brown blanket and a spectrum of uncomfortable emotions. LeAnn’s husband, Eddie Cibrian, captured the moment she stripped down to her underwear and walked out into the distance.

According to a press release acquired by E! News, Eddie, and LeAnn were on a road trip across California when inspiration struck, leading to the creation of this film. Eddie photographed the whole thing in just 30 minutes on his iPhone, and it all happened in the spur of the moment.

LeAnn Rimes Talks Stripping Down for Raw ‘spaceship’ Music Video

Eddie said, “I suggested we stop at Alabama Hills to survey a suitable area on the way back from Mammoth,” as quoted in the announcement. “As the sun began to fall and we settled down, we knew we had arrived at a special place. That’s when we realized we had to have a catch.”

LeAnn Rimes

As Eddie put it, “the experience of filming was personal, emotional, and profound.”

LeAnn’s current album, god’s work, features the song prominently.

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LeAnn said that the band was still experiencing the effects of the COVID pandemic “while we were composing and working on the music,” and that “the sentiments of loneliness and sorrow were omnipresent.” Introspection led me to the conclusion that “letting it all out” and “expressing these harsher feelings” might bring about a lot of optimism.

This seems to be the latest example of Eddie backing LeAnn’s musical ideas. After all, in May, LeAnn told E! News exclusively that Eddie is “very supportive” of her musical career.

She gushed, “He’s always there for me, rocking out on the side of the stage during my concerts while we’re on tour.” “He should be tired of hearing me by now, but yet he gets excited every time.”