Fans mourn the loss of Mahesh Babu mother, Indira Devi, in Hyderabad.

Indira Devi, Mahesh Babu mother, passed away this past Wednesday after being hospitalized in Hyderabad for many days.

Indira Devi, Mahesh Babu mother, passed away this past Wednesday. She was reportedly taken to a hospital in Hyderabad, and days later she passed away at 4 a.m. Former Hollywood star Krishna’s wife, Indira Devi, was a star in her own right.

As to a statement released by Mahesh Babu’s family, Indira Devi’s burial would be held at Maha Prasthanam. Her supporters will be able to pay their respects at Padmalaya Studios, where she will be laid to rest.

Mahesh Babu mother Indira Devi passes away

Mahesh Babu mother Died

As her son Mahesh Babu has said, “Smt Ghattamaneni Indira Devi, wife of famous actor Krishna and Mahesh Babu mother, died away a short time ago. It had been a long time since she had felt well. The announcement said, “Her mortal remains will be stored at Padmalaya Studios for admirers to visit from 9 am today, and subsequently the final rites will be conducted at Maha Prasthanam,” and News18 confirmed this.

In a heartfelt Twitter outpouring, fans expressed their sadness. A mourner’s last words to their mother were, “Rest in peace, amma!” Continue to persevere, Mahesh Babu anna (brother). Also, “God please provide enough strength to Mahesh Babu” was tweeted. Inseparable from you, anna. On the other hand, someone else tweeted, “Om Shanti Indira Garu” (a term used to show respect to an elder). Be courageous, Mahesh Babu anna. My deepest sympathies to the Gattamaneni family. Another supporter chimed in, “Mother’s love is irreplaceable.” What a terrible loss for Mahesh Babu to lose his mother. So long, Indira Devi garu. Anna Mahesh Babu, keep fighting the good fight.

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Mahesh Babu mother: Mahesh hasn’t updated his mom’s Instagram since May of this year. Pictures of his family, including wife Namrata Shirodkar and children Gautham Ghattamaneni and Sitara Ghattamaneni, were among those he posted on Indira’s wall. He’d started the letter with, “To my Amma. Thank you, Mom, for being one of my main supports. As well as to all the moms in the world, I wish you a happy Mother’s Day! Your affection cannot be replaced. Always have respect!”

Indira Devi Demise

Mahesh Babu posted a photo of himself holding Indira’s hand on Mother’s Day. To her birthday card he had penned, “Happy birthday Amma… Constantly appreciative of your existence.