The ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ musician Coolio has Dead at the age of 59.

According to his buddy and manager Jarez Posey, who spoke to CNN, Coolio, a rapper who had songs including “Gangsta’s Paradise” and “Fantastic Voyage,” passed away recently. He was 59.

According to Posey, Coolio passed away on Wednesday afternoon (Los Angeles time).

It took some time before any information on the incident could be obtained.

Capt. Erik Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department verified to CNN that around 4 p.m. local time, they received a call about a medical emergency in the 2900 block of South Chesapeake Ave. They discovered a man who wasn’t breathing when they came, so they did CPR for 45 minutes.

Coolio rapper, dead at 59

Coolio Dead

‘Just before 5:00 o’clock, the patient was pronounced deceased,’ Scott added.

Sheila Finegan, Coolio’s talent manager, sent a statement to CNN saying, “We are grieved by the death of our great friend and client, Coolio, who died away this afternoon.”

He had a huge impact with his skills and will be sorely missed. Many thanks to the millions of people across the globe who have appreciated his music and reached out to me since learning of his death. Keep Coolio’s family and friends in your prayers.

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According to his profile on his website, Coolio spent his formative years in Compton, California.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 1994, he discussed how he got out of the drug world by becoming a fireman.


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His motivation for seeking employment was more altruistic: “I wasn’t searching for a job, I was looking for a means to clean up — a way to escape the drug situation,” he said. I knew I had to quit because I was killing myself. I found the discipline I needed at firefighting school. Each and every day, we engaged in some kind of running. I wasn’t doing any of the things I normally do, like smoking or drinking.

In the 1980s, he started his career as an underground rap star.

It was the success of “Fantastic Voyage” that initially brought him widespread attention.

His popularity skyrocketed with the release of “Gangsta’s Paradise,” a song included in the film’s soundtrack. Back in 1996, he took home a Grammy for his work on the track.

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It has survived into the streaming era. The song received a historic one billion views on YouTube in July of 2022.

In a recent interview, he noted, “It’s one of those tunes that spans decades.” I avoided the use of buzzwords by saying, “… To my mind, that’s what made it so classic.

Over the course of his career, Coolio has sold over 17 million albums.

Coolio, ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’

Some millennials have a soft spot for Coolio because of his work on the theme song for the hit Nickelodeon show “Kenan and Kel” and because of his contribution to the album “Dexter’s Laboratory: The Hip-Hop Experiment,” which featured songs by various hip-hop artists inspired by the Cartoon Network animated series.

Coolio reaped the benefits of his status as a nostalgic figure in recent years, making appearances on series like “Celebrity Cook-Off” and “Celebrity Chopped.”

In 2008, his program “Coolio’s Rules” premiered on Oxygen.