Cristiano Ronaldo sought help from therapist Jordan Peterson for his depression.

Cristiano Ronaldo has opted to get therapy as he faces what may be the worst time of his life and career. Although Jordan Peterson is well-known on the internet, few may know that he is also a highly trained clinical psychologist. The most famous medical magazines in every region of the globe have published his work.

Cristiano Ronaldo found the published author’s works to be extremely beneficial, despite the author’s reputation as a right-wing propagandist. While visiting the United Kingdom, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney read one of them and was inspired to extend an invitation to Peterson. Ronaldo published an Instagram picture of himself and Peterson around two weeks ago, but the shot had no caption.

Recently, Jordan appeared on the British talk program of Piers Morgan, where he was quizzed by host Morgan about his meeting with Ronaldo. Piers said that Cristiano had been in treatment and looked to be doing better after talking to Jordan. Peterson, though, shared a great deal more information regarding their meeting. During their conversation, Jordan told Piers Morgan: That’s what happens when you associate with scoundrels like me, that’s what. It was at his request that I pay him a visit.

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A friend of his had given him some of my films, and he claimed that he had seen them after he had some problems in his life a few months earlier. Then, after reading one of my books and finding it useful, he reached out to me. I dropped by his place and we ended up chatting for two hours. We spoke about his businesses, and he showed me his fitness gear. We spent a lot of time discussing his goals and the challenges he’s encountering.

Is Jordan Peterson Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Ted Lasso’?

Piers Morgan made a joke about how Jordan Peterson is the “Ted Lasso” figure in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life as they discussed this mashup. For the uninitiated, this is a made-up Premier League motivational coach from a comedy that won an Emmy. This analogy appealed to Peterson, who said, “Maybe he did realize to be missing this figure because he found it to some degree in those lectures and I always want to hear what people are up to and what they desire.”

Jordan Peterson

As a result of this conversation and the subsequent disclosures, it is now known for certain that Cristiano Ronaldo is depressed and has chosen to get assistance for it. For one of the greatest players of all time, this period of anonymity must be difficult to bear. As the 2018 FIFA World Cup approaches in Qatar, let’s hope he can go back to his old self.


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