A statement from Kim Burrell After a bigoted sermon, Jamie Foxx defended Ellen DeGeneres in 2017.

Despite being scheduled to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Burrell’s presentation was cancelled when she caused controversy in late 2016 with tapes showing her uttering homophobic slurs.

Gospel singer Kim Burrell, who has been in the spotlight recently due to the resurfacing of a video in which she delivered a homophobic sermon, remembered Thursday that Oscar winner Jamie Foxx defended her when she was banned from performing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The recording artist addressed questions regarding a 2016 religious sermon in which she referred to the “perverted gay spirit” on the most recent edition of Tamron Hall.

Kim Burrell claims Jamie Foxx called Ellen DeGeneres to defend her

Nobody has ever asked me why I’m upset by anything or what specifically offends me. A group that claims to be extreme on love” reacted not in love, but with the suspicion that I was trying to intentionally harm them. The truth always seems to sting a little. I was up on that stage sharing what I believe to be the truth, “According to Kim Burrell, not only did she have helicopters scan her property after the event, but she also claimed that someone fired at her vehicle (she never filed a police complaint).

Kim Burrell claims Jamie Foxx

“No matter what, I have to stick to the truth. No one has mentioned that my buddy Jamie Foxx phoned Ellen to tell her, “You got this one incorrect.” I can be ridiculed for it, I can be so-called “cancelled” for it, but no one has reported that my friend Jamie Foxx called Ellen to tell her that. She has contributed more to our community than the outside world is aware of, and we do not believe that cancelling her appearance on a programme was an appropriate reaction.”

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EW has asked for comment from Foxx’s and DeGeneres’s agents.

Yolanda Adams’s reaction to Burrell’s lecture was deemed an “unwarranted assault” by Burrell.

According to Kim Burrell, “I was upset because we’ve all shared the same stage, back rooms, and green rooms and some of their public show in dialogue is quite contradictory to what it is behind the scene.” “With gospel artist Yolanda Adams, a fellow Houstonian, I would have called her to explain that I couldn’t agree with her viewpoint and that I needed to change the message I was sending to my audience. That is the option I would have chosen if given the choice.”


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However, Adams’s representatives did not immediately react to EW’s request for comment.

DeGeneres defended her choice to postpone Burrell’s planned guest on her programme when footage from the sermon leaked late in 2016.

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DeGeneres remarked on her programme, “I didn’t feel it was nice of me to bring her on the show to give her a platform when she was saying things about me,” and then went on to an interview with Pharrell Williams, Kim Burrell’s musical partner on the soundtrack for the 2016 film Hidden Figures.

Kim Burrell claims Jamie Foxx called Ellen DeGeneres

This is 2017, and we must put prejudice behind us. Williams told DeGeneres, There’s no place,” but he did declare Kim Burrella a “great vocalist.”

Not only has Kim Burrell had a fruitful career as a gospel artist, but she has also worked with a number of major pop artists, such as Harry Connick, Jr. on “I Pray on Christmas” from 2003, Mariah Carey on “I Understand” from Randy Jackson‘s Music Club: Volume One album in 2008, Frank Ocean on “Godspeed” from 2016, and Jay-Z on “4:44” from 2017.

In July, a video of Kim Burrell preaching at the Kingdom City Church went viral, exposing her to more criticism. In the clip, she seemed to encourage her congregation to do background checks on potential new friends to make sure they aren’t “broke” In addition to opposing COVID immunizations and labelling them as “ugly,” she used the word “ugly” herself.