Soulja Boy Addresses Teddy Riley’s Interview, Demanding an Apology for Abuse of His Daughter

The musician Soulja Boy has responded to an interview conducted by VladTV’s Teddy Riley, in which Riley revealed that his daughter had dated the rapper in the past.

Riley demanded an apology from Soulja in the newly revealed interview for his alleged abuse of Nia. Prior to their breakup in 2019, they had been together for over a decade, and she alleged that during that time, he had repeatedly verbally and physically abused her.

Nia told Tasha K about the assault in a series of interviews beginning in March of last year. She said he kicked her when she was pregnant, forcing her to miscarry, and put a pistol to her head for hours during an argument.

Soulja Boy Responds To Teddy Riley

There was allegedly an “altercation” between Teddy Riley and Soulja Boy when he questioned Soulja Boy about the abuse claims.

Teddy Riley said on VladTV, “Soulja Boy knows who I am.” He also understands how profound I am. He’s aware of how profound I am. There was a fight between us. I took a lot of abuse and was finally apologized to. I want him to apologize for hurting my kid.

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He continued, saying Nia “deserves” an apology from Soulja for what she went through. I’m not making threats, he clarified.

But the rapper Soulja Boy went on Instagram Live to call out Vlad, dubbing him “the police” and saying that Vlad is upset with him because Soulja Boy “exposed” him.

Teddy Riley To Soulja Boy

Saying anything in my name in an interview is strictly forbidden. Soulja Boy remarked to DJ Vlad, “Stop dragging Teddy Riley into this.” According to the speaker, “He ain’t had s### do with this.”

And he said Teddy Riley “never touched me,” insisting that the only contact between them was over the phone. The interview with Teddy Riley is at the bottom of the page, and the tape with Soulja’s remarks can be seen below.

Teddy Riley Demands an Apology from Soulja Boy