Nick Cannon currently has 10 children. Should we criticise?

Surprise! Nick Cannon’s family is expanding at a quick pace, with the birth of his ninth child and third with Brittany Bell, Rise Messiah Cannon.

In a long Instagram post on Friday, he exclaimed, “Another Blessing!!!” He went on to express his thanks for “a family dynamic that to some is inconceivable.”

Nick Cannon, an actor, singer, and TV personality has made news of having many children with several women in a short time frame. According to Nick Cannon, his relationships with the mothers of his children are healthy and consenting, and each pregnancy was deliberate and planned. In spite of the many legitimate problems it raises, his decision to father these children have been used as comic relief.


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Unconventional families are all around us, yet we seldom notice them. However, we are quick to pass harsher judgement on celebrities like Cannon. Fans, reviewers, and even other celebrities like Vivica A. Fox all has their opinions. (“I don’t like it,” she reportedly stated in August. “Black families require a solid foundation, with a focus on the male breadwinner.”

According to Already Famous’ CEO and creator, clinical psychologist Donna Rockwell: “The public likes to share their ideas because it helps them feel like part of the tale.” “When we observe unusual conduct in the lives of celebrities, we shake our heads, make judgements, and brush it off as ‘typical’ celebrity entitlement.”

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However, does this prove that we are right in our assessments?

Nick Cannon now has 10 kids

Is there a problem with Nick Cannon’s take on fatherhood?

Nick Cannon has claimed, when questioned about his emotional investment as a parent, “In the event that I am not in the same city as my children, I make sure to have a pre-school morning chat with them through FaceTime and other means. Whenever I am, I am either dropping off or picking up my children from school.”

His Instagram is filled with posts about how proud he is of his children; several of their moms have commented on how much they appreciate Cannon being in their lives.

Rockwell is not surprised by his son’s obsessive attention to his family. When a famous figure does something out of the ordinary, such as having a large number of children from several marriages, “we as the public clutch onto every detail” and consider it gossip.

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However, some specialists are concerned that, in addition to being unusual, this dynamic is also harmful. Many people question Cannon’s ability to be there for each of his ten children, aged 11 and under if they all reside in separate homes.

After hinting that he’ll soon be expanding his family, Nick Cannon and Ryan Reynolds mix up a vasectomy drink.

Nick Cannon kids

Therapist Barbara La Pointe, who specialises in helping families cope with the effects of divorce and separation, is concerned that the “Wild ‘n Out” host is “unconsciously generating a legacy of generational pain.” While there is less study on Cannon’s style of parenting, it has been demonstrated that a child’s emotional well-being is impacted by a solid connection with their parents, regardless of the quality of that relationship.

Moreover, relationship expert Zakiya Knighten is concerned about the moms of his children, who, although voluntarily entering into such partnerships, may be at increased risk for stress and mental health issues. One of Cannon’s partners stated she had been up for three days straight taking care of their infant in a now-deleted Instagram post, prompting speculation online about the singer’s whereabouts.

Are we being too judgmental of Nick Cannon?

Nick Cannon is not the first famous man to have children with many different women, despite widespread notions to the contrary. According to his daughter’s interview with The Sunday Times, the actor has 8 documented offspring from 6 different women. A similar joke has been made regarding Elon Musk’s 10 children: two with artist Grimes, two with Shivon Zilis, an executive at Musk’s Neuralink, and six with his first wife, Justine Wilson.

Nick Cannon Family

Nick Cannon, however, openly accepts his unconventional approach to parenthood and opposes traditional monogamy, even confronting sceptics.

Nick Cannon stated in August, “That’s a Eurocentric mentality when you think about the ideals of you’re meant to have this one person for the rest of your life.” “If we remember why we got married in the first place, I can appreciate marriage as an institution. However, I do not claim any of the moms as my own. What we do when we bring two people together to form a family is build something wonderful.”

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Speculation about a phenomenon that baffles many is appealing. However, as Rockwell points out, in the world of celebrity culture, we seldom see beyond the surface of their private lives. We, on the outside, can only speculate as to how worrying or functional Cannon’s family of ten really is since we lack access to the relevant data.