BTS Suga shows off his sense of style at the airport in a crewneck sweater that cost Rs 89,000.

After attending the NBA game in Japan, BTS Suga returned to Seoul. His crewneck sweater cost a whooping Rs 89K, yet he nevertheless wore it to the airport. Check it out.

Since Suga turned 29, he has changed dramatically. Since March 9th, ARMY has been in constant turmoil, all because of the BTS vocalist. The change in his demeanor has been praised by admirers as a triumphant one. Every moment Min Yoongi leaves his room, mayhem ensues.

This has been going on for many days since he arrived in Japan. To begin, for the benefit of the uninitiated, the rapper traveled to Japan to indulge in his inner basketball geek by attending the NBA 2022 contests. The vocalist of Seesaw undoubtedly had a blast.

BTS Suga struts around the airport in a style sweater worth Rs 89,000

BTS Suga Sweater

BTS Suga connected with many other players and people outside of basketball, including NBA great Stephen Curry, with whom he took photographs and gave presents. He subsequently attended the first preseason game of the NBA season, which featured the Golden State Warriors and the Washington Wizards, from a first-row seat.

BTS Suga returned to Korea after having a fantastic time. When Suga arrived in Seoul on October 1, he was the picture of serenity in his casually chic attire. The BTS member looked at his casual best, wearing an attractive sweater with shorts and a purse.

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His whole ensemble was sharp, but we were especially taken with the sharp sweater. If you’re interested in adding it to your wardrobe, you should know that it will cost you a small fortune. Indeed, it is a MARNI Crewneck Sweater made of Shetland Wool and Cotton. In Indian rupees, that’s close to $89,000.


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An ordinary airport visit for Mr. Min Yoongi became somewhat of a media spectacle. Because he looked so sure of himself in that outfit, he was granted his wish. What do you think of his style?