R Bonney Gabriel Miss USA 2022: Information on Miss Texas USA 2022 is provided below.

Miss Texas USA 2022, R Bonney Gabriel, is the first Filipina-American to win the crown, and she’s eager to make a splash at Miss USA 2022.

NEVADA’S RENO: As the primaries come to a close, the competitors of the 2022 Miss USA pageant have entered the stage. The ladies of all 50 states in the USA compete each year with all their beauty and power to be crowned the best in the country. There can only be one Miss USA, and this year’s winner will receive the title from Elle Smith.

Miss USA 2022: Who is R Bonney Gabriel?

Miss Texas USA

When Elle Smith won the title of Miss USA 2021, she became the first multiracial competitor to ever represent the state of Kentucky in the pageant. After a spectacular performance, Elle was named Miss USA 2021. On October 3, 2021, she’ll be back to crown her successor, and people can’t wait to find out who she chooses. All sorts of women with remarkable skills and stories like Elle’s are contending for the crown. The first Filipina-American to win Miss Texas USA is R’Bonney Gabriel. Learn everything about this intelligent young lady and fierce competitor right here.


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Who is R’Bonney Gabriel?

The 28-year-old beauty queen Miss Texas USA has many other skills than pageantry. R Bonney Gabriel, in addition to being a dedicated musician, is also a dedicated fashion designer and the owner of the label R’Bonney Nola. She creates eco-friendly clothing ranging from t-shirts to formal wear. She has been known for creating her own outfits for beauty pageants such as Miss Texas USA 2022 and Miss USA. Bonney made news for becoming the first Filipina-American to win Miss Texas USA, a historic achievement that allowed her to showcase her Asian heritage and culture on the Miss USA platform.

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She is presently a sewing instructor at Houston’s Magpies and Peacocks design firm, where her pupils learn how to sew using a wide variety of materials and textiles sourced from scraps. The stunning instructor heads up workshops for the nonprofit’s MAKR Collective program, which teaches trauma survivors like those who have experienced domestic abuse new skills.

Miss USA 2022

R Bonney Gabriel on Miss USA 2022

R Bonney Gabriel claims that she plans to utilize her background in fashion design to make her own one-of-a-kind outfits to wear in the 2022 Miss USA competition. The beauty queen explained how she made a garment out of an old red coat and wore it to the Miss Texas USA pageant’s opening night in one of her Instagram photos.

R Bonney Gabriel said, “I’m not afraid to be creative and love bringing in a surprise aspect,” when she told the UNT North Texan, “I felt this would be a fantastic approach to advance sustainability in the beauty market.” In response to a question regarding the forthcoming Miss USA pageant, she said, “I want to inspire people to discover their individuality — to apply themselves in life and find what makes them great.”


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On Monday, October 3, 2022, at 8 o’clock PM ET / 5 PM PT, the first episode of Miss USA 2022 will air.