The First Trailer for the Mysterious Thriller ‘Nocebo,’ Starring Eva Green and Mark Strong

That’s why I say, “I’ll be there for you… forever.” Nocebo, directed by Lorcan Finnegan (Without Name, Vivarium, both excellent), has had its first official trailer released by Vertigo Releasing in the United Kingdom. Opening in the UK later this year, it will have its world premiere at the 2022 Sitges Film Festival next week.

A Filipina caregiver comes to the house of a fashion designer who has been sick for no apparent reason and starts treating her with conventional folk treatments from her country. Then, a horrible reality is exposed… That’s a little unsettling to hear. Caregiver Diana is played by Eva Green, with supporting roles by Mark Strong, Billie Gadsdon, Cathy Belton, and Chai Fonacier. I don’t know whether I can look at this! The last few seconds of this trailer are very insane, with some spooky foreshadowing in the closing frames. Enjoy.

A new poster and teaser for Lorcan Finnegan’s Nocebo have just been released on YouTube.

A gifted fashion designer (Eva Green) is unwell for unknown reasons that have both her physicians and her husband at their wits’ end (Mark Strong). Diana, a Filipino caregiver (Chai Fonacier), unexpectedly comes to help and employs traditional folk medicine to disclose a horrible reality. Irish genre director Lorcan Finnegan, who has helmed the features Without Name and Vivarium in addition to several short films, is at the helm for Nocebo.

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Scriptwriter Garret Shanley is at the helm (also of Without Name and Vivarium previously). The film was produced by Brunella Cocchiglia and Emily Leo. A premiere date has been set for this month at the 2022 Sitges Film Festival. Later in 2022, in the first week of December, Vertigo Releasing will release Finnegan’s Nocebo in theatres throughout the United Kingdom.

Nocebo Trailer

The film will premiere in limited theatres throughout the United States on November 4, 2022, and will be available on video on demand and digital platforms beginning on November 22. The first impression of? Disturbing in appearance, huh?