Park Soo Hong will allegedly resume his activities this week after recovering from his father’s attack.

Park Soo Hong, a comedian and host on MBN’s ‘Dongchimi,’ will apparently be participating in this week’s taping despite the emotional and physical trauma he got from his biological father’s attack.

According to a report from one exclusive media site, a JTBC representative said on October 4 KST, “Park Soo, who is presently resting to restore stability, will be participating in the October 6 KST recording of MBN’s ‘Dongchimi.'” In a subsequent disclosure, the show’s production staff said, “We will go on with our plans, giving Hong’s health our first priority. Now that [Park Soo Hong] has said he wants to be present for the recording session, we’ve decided to go through with the session as scheduled.”

Park Soo Hong to return to work after hospitalization

Park Soo Hong Return to Work

It was previously reported that Park Soo Hong’s biological father attacked him during his cross-examination at the prosecutor’s office. Likewise present was Hong’s brother, who was only lately apprehended for bilking Park Soo out of millions. The extreme tension and shock caused Park Soo Hong to swoon, prompting an immediate trip to the hospital.

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In the meanwhile, it has been reported by many Korean news agencies that Hong’s father, who is now over 80 years old, is trying to take the rap for his brother’s unlawful embezzlement.