Valley of the Dead Reviews of the Cast and Crew.

While Valley of the Dead made its world premiere at a Spanish film festival in October 2020, it wasn’t released to Spanish theatres until March 2022 because of the pandemic. The Spanish Civil War setting of “Valley of the Dead” (‘Malnazidos’) features an unlikely alliance between opposing army troops in order to defeat a horde of zombies.

Valley of the Dead Cast

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Jan (Miki Esparbé)

Valley of the Dead: The character is a captain in the Spanish army. After getting in a headbutt with a judge, he is making amends for his actions. A corporate attorney by day, Jan helps lead a militia in the fight against zombies at night.

Mr. Esparbé, Miki Spain’s Miki Esparbé was born on October 9, 1983. Off Course, Barcelona, nit d’estiu, and Cuerpo de élite are all plays in which he has made a name for himself.

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Esparbé, who was born on October 9th, 1983 in Manresa, Catalonia, attended the University of Pompeu Fabra and earned a licentiate in Humanities.

He studied acting in Barcelona under Nancy Tuón. At the beginning of his career, he assisted on the El Terrat television shows Divendres and Palomitas.

Aura Garrido as Matacuras aka Priest-Killer

Characteristics and background: Member of the Militia; one who fights for their country. She connects with Jan while keeping a healthy distance emotionally. Throughout the film, Matacuras puts herself first and pursues her own goals.

Aura Garrido as Matacuras aka Priest-Killer

Said Aura Garrido: Actress Aura Garrido Sánchez has been active in the Spanish cinema and television industry since her birth on May 29, 1989. Stockholm isn’t the only film or TV show she’s been in; she also has a resume full of guest spots on El Ministerio del Tiempo.

Valley of the Dead: The Madrid birth year for Garrido is 1989. Both her mother and father are artists; the former composes and conducts orchestras and the latter paints.

This was her first major part, and it was on La pecera de Eva, which aired on Telecinco in 2010. She then honed down on a career in television, making appearances in the series ngel o demonio, Crematorio, and Imperium. She had cameos in the 2012 films Promoción fantasma and El cuerpo, signaling her comeback to the film business (2012).

She debuted in Stockholm in 2013. She was nominated for the Forqué Award, the Goya Award, and the Feroz Award for best actress, and she received the Sant Jordi Award and a medal from the Crculo de Escritores Cinematógrafos.

Luis Callejo as Sargento

Characteristics and background: A head of a rebel group. As a self-proclaimed anarchist, he places a high emphasis on his knowledge of railroads. Sargento’s intentions change when he learns about the zombie epidemic.


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In 1970, on August 1st, Spanish actor Luis Callejo Martnez was born.

A native Segovian, Luis Callejo Martnez entered the world on August 1, 1970. Before joining RESAD in Madrid, he trained in the neighborhood’s Municipal Theatre Workshop.

Valley of the Dead: His performance in Princesses (2005) earned him a nomination for the Goya Award for Best New Actor. His 2016 play “Tarde para la ira” won the Sant Jordi Award.

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Álvaro Cervantes as Mecha

Characteristics and background: Match is a member of the militia. He used to race stock cars, and now he just wants to fight all the time. During the Spanish Civil War, Mecha lost his wife and children.

In Spain, he is known as lvaro Cervantes Sorribas, and he was born on September 12th, 1989.

Valley of the Dead: Cervantes’s TV shows made him a household name. His role as Emperor Charles V in the 2015–2016 Spanish TV series Carlos, Rey Emperador was his breakout role.

In 2016, he appeared with Javier Bardem in the Spanish historical drama film 1898, Our Last Men in the Philippines, and in 2017, he played a police officer in the Spanish television series La zone.

Jesús Carroza as Jurel

Jesús Carroza as Jurel

Valley of the Dead: Characteristics of Jess Carroza’s Jurel A second lieutenant in the Spanish Phalanx of the National Syndicalist Offensive. Currently, he is staying at Sister Flor’s house. According to Jurel, his future wife was killed in the Spanish Civil War.

Jess Carroza: Jess Carroza Rodrguez, born on November 7, 1987, in Sevilla, Spain, is a Spanish actor. He received the 2006 Goya Award for Best New Actor for his portrayal of Richi in 7 Virgins.

The year 1987 saw Jesus Carroza’s birth in Sevilla, Spain. Of the four children in his family, he is the youngest. His breakthrough role in the 2006 film 7 Virgins earned him the Goya Award for Best New Actor.

María Botto as Sor Flor

Sor Flor, played by Maria Botto in Valley of the Dead, has the following characteristics.

Maria Botto: On February 10, 1974, Mara Florencia Botto Rota was born, making her an Argentine-Spanish actress. After graduating from high school in California, she and her mother, Cristina Rota, and brother, Juan Diego Botto, moved to Spain in 1978.

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At age 10, she made her cinematic debut in Los motivos de Berta. On Good Behavior on TNT, she makes frequent appearances as Ava Pereira, sister of Juan Diego Botto’s Javier.

Other Notable Casts

  • Dafnis Balduz as Comisario Político
  • Manel Llunell as Decruz
  • Mouad Ghazouan as Rafir
  • Sergio Torrico as Brodsky
  • Francisco Reyes as comandante De Las SS

Valley of the Dead Crew Members

Javier Ruiz Caldera

In Valley of the Dead, Javier Ruiz Caldera takes the helm. Spanish filmmaker Javier Ruiz Caldera (born 1976) is most known for his comedic works.

Viladecans, Barcelona province, 1976[1] birthplace of Javier Ruiz Caldera, ESCAC alumnus of 2000. His film career began in the early 2000s with shorts like Treitum and Diminutos del calvario, and in 2009, his feature debut, Spanish Movie, a satire picture, was a box office hit in Spain, earning over 7.6 million euros during its domestic theatrical run.

The episode “Tiempo de lo oculto” of El Ministerio del Tiempo and the comedy series “Mira lo que has hecho” are two television works he has directed (2016).