Is “Dexter New Blood Season 2” in the works? As Gary Levine of Showtime puts it, “It’s Too Soon to Say.”

Despite the fact that Dexter Morgan was killed off at the end of Dexter New Blood Season 2 is still wanted by certain viewers. On January 9, 2022, the tenth and last episode of the highly-anticipated Dexter return was published. There is no concrete proof that a second season will occur, despite the fact that several of the performers and creative brains behind the program would be keen to return. Gary Levine, from Showtime, has made a recent public remark on the subject.

Dexter Morgan met his end in the revival series

Dexter New Blood Season 2

Reboot series Dexter New Blood Season 2 picks up Dexter Morgan’s tale ten years after the events of the first series, and Dexter Morgan died in that show. Dexter pretended to be killed in a storm and then settled into a peaceful life in Iron Lake, New York, where he stayed until his son Harrison discovered him. The other serial murderer in Iron Lake was not lost on Dexter.

With Dexter dead and Chief Bishop and Captain Batista on the verge of revealing his crimes, the show concluded with a cliffhanger. In the meanwhile, Harrison left Iron Lake to wander aimlessly. Very immediately, viewers started to speculate whether there would be a Dexter New Blood Season 2 or a spinoff series centered on Harrison.

Gary Levine says it’s ‘too soon to say if ‘Dexter New Blood Season 2 will happen

During an interview with TVLine in January 2022, executive producer and showrunner Clyde Phillips brought up the idea of extending Harrison’s journey. He informed the media that the fate of the show was up to Showtime.

In the event that they called and said, “We want to do Harrison. I have a lot on my plate, but if someone said, “We want you to find it out,” I would immediately stop everything I was doing and start investigating. I hope Showtime gives me the chance to participate.

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The network just provided an update on the potential return of Dexter New Blood Season 2. Showtime Networks president Gary Levine said, “It’s too soon to tell,” in a different TVLine piece. The limited series exceeded all of our expectations, and we are still glowing from its success.

Jack Alcott is down to return to the role of Harrison Morgan

In Dexter: New Blood, Jack Alcott plays Harrison Morgan, Dexter’s son at that age. In a past interview with Gold Derby, Alcott said that he would be interested in playing Harrison Morgan again. I really like Harrison, Alcott told the media. Like, he’s just such a fascinating person.

There are aspects of him that I like, and others that make me go, ‘Wow, he’s exactly like me.’ In fact, there are several instances when I find myself thinking, This is the farthest thing from who I am.” Yes, I’m interested in learning more about it, too. To have the opportunity to do further in-depth analysis of such a fascinating and multifaceted human person while also appearing on national television, hell yes! Showtime? Oh my god, count me in.

Showtime now offers the whole Dexter New Blood Season 2.