Megyn Kelly had opinions on both Jordan Peterson and vaginas during the Super Bowl.

Megyn Kelly’s comments regarding Olivia Wilde, J. Lo, and Shakira this week seem a little off-key.

A woman who is no stranger to controversy is Megyn “No-Stranger-to-Controversy.” Kelly is at it again this week. In a curious throwback to the past, the fiery TV and podcast presenter attacked Latina superstars J-Lo and Shakira for their sensual performance at the (wait for it) 2020 Super Bowl halftime show. And here we were thinking Trump was the only one looking forward to 2020.

Many parents had concerns that their children might have been disturbed by the Super Bowl halftime performance. Forget the horrible ad for Planters peanuts in which the lovable Mr. Peanut descends from a cliff to his flaming death; this specific, long-ago Super Bowl included various other unpleasant images, such as Jason Momoa having a bubble bath (in a commercial for Rocket Mortgage). Not to mention the very brutal show that is professional football.

Megyn Kelly has thoughts about Jordan Peterson and Super Bowl vaginas!

Megyn Kelly about Jordan Peterson

However, the musical performance showcasing two gorgeous, accomplished ladies of a certain age having a joy onstage was a step too far for Kelly and the rest of the audience. And then, in the same section, Megyn Kelly gushed about a recent photoshoot of Czech model Paulina Porizkova, in which the 57-year-old is practically completely undressed. I suppose that depends on who’s exhibiting their bottom.

In addition, Megyn Kelly has waded into the controversy over Olivia Wilde’s new film Don’t Worry Darling by defending Jordan Peterson, a popular psychologist in Canada. Chris Pine‘s antagonist was modelled by Peterson. He was hailed as a “hero to the incel community” by Wilde, who used the term to refer to a group of young males who feel sexually deprived and alienated because of the prevalence of strong, independent women in society.

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Peterson rejects the idea of racial privilege, believes that males who do not “mean” to sexually abuse women should not be arrested, and thinks transgender rights somehow negate his own. According to Megyn Kelly, “[Peterson’s] been one of the only individuals speaking to young males [about] what’s been upsetting them over the past several years,” whereas she had this to say about Wilde: “Screw her!”

Megyn Kelly has the right to her own viewpoint, but it has been, and should continue to be, criticised when it goes too far. Here are a few more illustrative statements from Kelly: The Black community is plagued by a “thug mentality” and an emphasis on the victim role. The practise of white individuals donning blackface for a costume is perfectly acceptable. Both Jesus and Santa are white. (Note: Kelly did later apologise for the blackface comments, but it did not preserve her job at NBC. Christ and Saint Nicholas have yet to get theirs.

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Megyn Kelly and other public figures need to be held to a higher standard in a society where too many individuals suffer from what may be dubbed Selective Outrage Syndrome (“I’m only furious when my prejudices are put into question”). In today’s politically divided world, it’s more crucial than ever to think about how our words will be received by others.

However, people like Kelly are unlikely to cease fanning the flames of controversy (which, after all, helps ratings). Wilder claims are likely to be made in the near future, both in public and in print.

If the news of the day fails to inspire you, maybe Megyn… Is there anything you can say about Madonna and Britney Spears’ onstage kiss at the 2003 Video Music Awards?