In the wake of their 3 year marriage, Nazanin Mandi has filed for divorce from Miguel.

After nearly three years of marriage, Miguel’s wife Nazanin Mandi filed for divorce on Tuesday.

The model reportedly stated irreconcilable disagreements as the basis for the break up and said that a prenuptial agreement was made to share their assets, as reported by TMZ.

However, Mandi left the date of separation blank, suggesting that the couple’s breakup was still up in the air.

Miguel’s Wife Nazanin Mandi Files For Divorce

Nazanin Mandi divorce from Miguel

The two, who had been together since high school and became engaged in 2016, had previously announced their split in September 2021.

Miguel and Nazanin Mandi, who were together for 17 years, have been living apart for some time now. A representative at the time told People, The couple wishes each other the best.”

However, in February of the following year, Miguel (then 36) shared an Instagram Reel (which is still on his feed) full of photos of him and Mandi (then 36).

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One photo shows the model holding the singer against the wall as he clings to her leg and coos incessantly. The rest of the photos depicted them sharing tender moments.

Love is powerful medicine. He captioned the video, Proud of us -Pimentel‘s,” with fans’ positive reactions to their reconciliation.

Miguel's wife Nazanin Mandi

Nazanin Mandi has removed the page on which the photos appeared, yet she has not removed the one in which she paid tribute to her now-estranged spouse.

Meanwhile, the model had been thinking about her “present path of reflection” a week before.

She captioned a set of pictures, “On a current journey of reflection and uncovering my purest myself again… when and who was I when I was my most free and confident self….”

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She hasn’t come out yet. And doing so, one healing step at a time, with the benefit of hindsight, clearer objectives, and a more optimistic outlook. We’ve got this if this is you.

It’s not known for sure when they broke up, but July was the last time they were seen in public together in photos.

Miguel's Wife Nazanin Mandi Files For Divorce