At Paris Fashion Week, Ye and Candace Owens Represent the “White Lives Matter” Movement in T-Shirts

On Monday, at Paris, Fashion Week, rapper and fashion designer Ye and Candace Owens conservative U.S. political pundits made waves by wearing identical “White Lives Matter” t-shirts.

Both Black, they donned the shirts at a surprise fashion show for Yeezy, the label owned by Ye (previously Kanye West).

For example, Owens posted a picture on Instagram in which she and another person are wearing t-shirts with portraits of Pope John Paul II.

Ye and Candace Owens wear ‘White Lives Matter shirts

wear ‘White Lives Matter’ shirts

She also shared a remark from an Instagram user who said, “She’s fighting the narrative that is being rammed down our throats,” which is a pretty good summary of what the “Candace” presenter is doing.

Ye and Candace Owens have worked together in the past to make political statements via fashion, most recently with the “Blexit” t-shirts that Ye made for Owens in 2018. The goal of the t-shirts was to get African-Americans to quit the Democratic Party.

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Ye’s unsuccessful 2020 presidential campaign is his latest publicity gimmick, along with his “White Lives Matter” t-shirts. Earlier this month, he hinted at a possible return for a second term in office.

He said, “Yes, certainly,” when asked by “Good Morning America” host Linsey Davis whether he wanted to get into politics in the future.