Bill Maher explains why he isn’t as often nominated for Emmys as Trevor Noah and John Oliver.

Bill Maher discussed the lack of Emmy nods for his successful HBO program Real Time With Bill Maher compared to rivals The Daily Show With Trevor Noah and Last Week Tonight With John Oliver on the second episode of Chris Cuomo’s new primetime show, Cuomo.

Just using the ratings as a raw measure, OK? Frequently, you defeat John Oliver. You absolutely destroy Trevor Noah‘s viewership statistics. Cuomo stated You don’t get nominated like they do for Emmys. Why do you think you don’t receive the shine that they get?” I speak the truth,” Maher said. There’s nothing wrong with the fact that “I don’t perform for only one half of the nation and say the things that will make them clap.”

Bill Maher’s Big Late-Night Emmys Snub

Emmy nominations

Despite several nominations, Maher has never taken home the prize. On the other side, both Noah and Oliver have had Emmy success, with Oliver taking home trophies for seven consecutive years and a total of seventeen times. But Maher, who has been nominated for an award a whopping 41 times without ever taking home a trophy, insists that trophies aren’t what matters to him.

Maher praised the performers, saying, “They are highly brilliant individuals you are talking about and do wonderful performances.” But I simply wanted to say that this has always been my link with the audience, which is more valuable to me than any accolades, and that I will tell it like it is.

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In Concurrent Observation Of Bill Maher’s run for Emmy, nods came to an end in 2017, when he was nominated amid controversy over a racist slur he made in a joke. Maher attributes his show’s lack of recent nominations to the “woke culture” he has criticized air.

Because “woke” has become such a cultural phenomenon, “recent years, yeah, not even a nomination,” Maher added. And by “awake,” I of course mean “woke with an eye roll. As for the origins of the “woke” movement, there is some truth to it. It had reached an absurd level.”

Bill Maher

Consider a “humiliated” In the first episode of his new program, Chris Cuomo promises to expose “the game” in American politics.