The rapper Diddy has accused Ma$e of being a fake pastor and that he owes him $3 million.

Diddy says what he’s saying about Ma$e is true, but Ma$e says he’s full of it. Wednesday (Oct. 5) on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, the founder of Bad Boy Entertainment called his former business partner and Harlem World rapper “fake preacher.”

The creator of Bad Boy paid his old business partner a visit at The Breakfast Club and had some choice words for him. The rapper Diddy has accused Ma$e of being a fake pastor and that he owes him $3 million.

Diddy Calls Mase A ‘Fake Pastor,’ Claims He Owes Him $3 Million

Diddy Claims Ma$e Owes

It’s the Ma$e issue in general,” he said. Only one album featuring Ma$e exists. just one album. Please estimate how much I owe this person. And then he pretended to be a preacher and started swindling people,” he said, referring back to Ma$e’s first studio album, Harlem World, which was released in 1997. And you’re going to let him sully the name of the deity. Anyone may join up and help out. Do not forget to bring your receipts. Yet I refuse to participate. I’ve returned to the battlefield and am fighting to defend us. And I’m fighting back in my own way, too.

As Puff proceeded to clear his reputation, he took a look around the iHeartRadio studio. The 52-year-old millionaire, Sean Combs by legal name, then calmly declared that he “never jerked anyone” and that Ma$e owed him a significant sum of money.

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According to Diddy, “Ma$e owes me $3 million.” “I’ve got the proof in the form of receipts,” she said. And I’m not going to go back and forth with Ma$e,” Diddy said. I refuse to engage in any kind of dialogue with anybody. Allow me to finally defend my own position. If you have a receipt and you believe I owe you money, bring it to me and I’ll pay you within 24 hours.

In another part of the conversation, the business tycoon spoke about his son Christian King Combs, who is starting his own musical career under the Bad Boy moniker. Even yet, he stressed that he wanted his kid to “make it on his own.”

Diddy Claims Ma$e Owes Him $3 Million

When asked about his son’s aspirations, P. Diddy remarked, “He claimed he wanted to be a rapper, and I told him he had to do it on his own.” He discovered his own supply chain, entered the grinding phase, and everyone assumed I was assisting him. And now they were making him earn his success. As Kodak Black, he earned an incontestable track record. And I can say without a doubt that I am proud of him, even if I had zero part in his success.

Shortly after, Diddy joked to his kid that he “will not outbop” him and issued a warning.

‘I’m training extra hard, he won’t be outbopping me,’ he joked. He is now in the first place and is expected to sweep the BET Awards, prompting many to remark, “Puff, you can retire now.” I take great pride in it, but it won’t change my plans.

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Charlamagne continued talking about the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2022 by questioning Diddy about the Podcast of the Year tie between two Revolt products (Caresha Please and Drink Champs).

In other words, “I didn’t pay for it. Contrary to what the presenter of The Breakfast Club may have you believe, this podcast was the finest of the year. “I’m the victor, so you can’t be upset with me.”