Jerry O Connell Remembers When He First Attracted the Attention of Rebecca Romijn: I Told You Everything (Exclusive)

Jerry O Connell had to put on a good show to win Rebecca Romijn as his bride. The Talk host told ET that he had to act nonchalant from the other side of the VIP area to get her attention.

Rebeca was seen in the posh seating area. He told ET’s Matt Cohen, “I was in the not-VIP area. I had already met Rebecca. Seeing me, Rebecca, and her newfound single status, Rebecca walked up and said, “Hey,” and I introduced myself as Jerry. In other words, I made it through airport security. I snatched her up and dragged her in, telling myself, “I just have to get into the VIP area.” Instead, I joined Rebecca and her pals at their table.

Jerry O Connell Recalls How He First Got Rebecca Romijn’s Attention

Jerry O Connell claims it was time to make his move after he was seated in the upscale patrons’ area. A little window of opportunity was all he had, he claims. And I put everything on the table.


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I mean, this is before the internet,” he continues. Obviously, this is before the era of swiping by teenagers. However, I did my best for her, and here we are over two decades later.

On the 14th of July, 2007, Jerry O Connell and Romijn exchanged wedding vows. The couple raises twins, Dolly and Charlie, who are now 13 years old.

The presenters of The Real Love Boat are a happy couple who claim to have celebrated their crystal anniversary on set.

Jerry O Connell adds, “We ate at the fanciest restaurant on the ship somewhere named Sabatini’s.” Our children joined us for supper. It had a lot of sugar and was delicious.

Jerry O Connell and Rebecca Romijn

Even though they’ve discovered true love, they want to help other singles find happiness by sharing their story on The Real Love Boat.

According to Jerry O Connell’s interview with ET, “The Meaningful Love Boat is about folks who have had a lot of problems finding love and that’s all of us truly seeking for a real connection.” We were so invested because I think we can all relate to being on the proverbial “love boat” hoping to meet our soul mate.

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To discover their perfect partner, the show’s five men and five women will compete against one another. According to Romjin, the contest provides the singles with a new shot at love.

It truly is nice it seems like an event because it’s individuals who have discovered love and are yearning for love a second time, she adds to the show’s demographic. “They’ve struggled to find love thus far. We have some lovely tales of people who have had that kind of love previously and are now looking for it again.”

The Real Love Boat

CBS will debut the first episode of The Real Love Boat on October 5.