Watch as ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 8 Ep 3 Reveals Something Very Brady Below!

Another group of celebrities was unmasked and sent home from The Masked Singer on Wednesday night, proving that the show is really getting into its stride (Oct. 5).

TV Theme Night was the theme for Episode 3. Also, the revelations came thick and fast, doubling the enjoyment.

The Mummies, the act that was eliminated first, were “TV royalty,” in the words of the show’s presenter, Nick Cannon.

Here, rank makes no difference. The Mummies’ ruse was revealed to the viewing audience when they sang “Monkees Theme.”

The Masked Singer Season 8 Episode 3 Reveals

Actually, there was a whole gang of mummies, not just one. Mike Lookinland, Barry Williams, and Christopher Knight, aka Bobby, Greg, and Peter Brady from The Brady Bunch in the ’60s and ’70s, were the old trio.

The Masked Singer Season 8

That was a correct assumption on Nicole Scherzinger’s part.

According to Williams, “absolutely wonderful” is how Greg Brady (Williams) described the event. It was fantastic to perform as a group again; we hadn’t done so since the Brady Bunch era. Just being in this place was a blast.

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The extent of the experience shocked Ken Jeong. He said, “Seeing the Bradys in person could be the purest experience on The Masked Singer.”

Prior to leaving, Lookinland (Bobby) said, “Now The Masked Singer’s family and ours are permanently fused.”

Look out for the video down below.

Fortune Teller was eliminated after performing “Movin’ On Up” from The Jeffersons and competing in a battle royale with defending champion Harp, during which they both had a turn singing the “Full House” theme song.

Daymond John, founder, and CEO of FUBU and star of “Shark Tank,” was revealed to be the man underneath the mask.

Not only did Jeong correctly predict, but so did Cannon, who has known John for over twenty-five years.

As a young guy growing up, a person of color, I didn’t get to see individuals look like me on TV who weren’t involved in music or athletics, John stated, explaining his motivation for performing the song. But George Jefferson wants me to become a shark since I’m a small person who just relocated from New York to the East Side.

John and the “Brady guys” are the latest celebrities to be booted from this season of The Masked Singer, joining the likes of Montell Jordan (Panther), Jeff Dunham (Pi-Rat), Chris Kirkpatrick (Hummingbird), Eric Idle (Hedgehog), and William Shatner (Knight).

The Masked Singer Mummies

The eighth season of Fox’s popular show ushers in a number of significant structural changes.

Each episode introduces a whole new group of celebrities in disguise, with just one of them advancing to the next round. In addition, the studio audience chooses their favorite performance to live, with the lowest vote-getter unmasking in the middle of the broadcast and joining the other contestants in the new The Masked Singer VIP area for the remainder of the episode.