xQc expressed regret for making a poor joke on Pokimane.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel, a popular Twitch broadcaster, is in hot water after pretending to smell Imane “Pokimane” Anys’ chair while she was off-screen on her own stream. Imane was broadcasting her own show at the time.

In the past, Pokimane and xQc have had a tumultuous relationship, with Pokimane accusing xQc and others of promoting gambling on their streams, and xQc saying that Pokimane chose not to be the bigger person in an argument with Dimitri “GreekGodx.” Antonatos. Pokimane also criticized xQc for promoting gambling on their streams. Nevertheless, he has stood up for Pokimane when she was subjected to sexist harassment, and Pokimane has updated xQc on the most recent developments in her professional life. I am aware that that is a lot to keep up with.

xQc apologized for his bad joke on Pokimane

It is unfortunate that He has suddenly come under fire for making an improper joke at Pokimane’s cost, but this has happened. During a live that was held on September 29, xQc checked to see what was going on on Pokimane’s stream, but she wasn’t there. At the time, they were waiting for a Fall Guys match to fill up.

In the beginning, he mocked the people who were sending the “sniffing” emotes in the chat by stating that they were “so odd, dude.” After that, he conceded and said, “Who am I kidding?” before moving his camera overlay on the stream to make it seem as if he was “sniffing” Pokimane’s chair.


After hearing the alarming accounts of sexual harassment that emerged from the drama involving CrazySlick, Maya, and Mizkif, xQc had just a week earlier made a public statement regarding the issue. Pokimane, on the other hand, was appalled when she discovered what he had been up to while she was not visible to the audience.

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He has, thankfully, come to the conclusion that the joke wasn’t that funny. “I diverted my attention to the joke about the smelling chair… I retract what I stated before, guys “Yesterday, he made the statement on a stream. “That was a bit of a fucked up situation. It was strange, to say the least. It was satisfactory, but not really at all. To be honest, no. People who are watching don’t get the joke, but they want to act like the person being imitated, so it doesn’t really pass for me since I know her to some extent and because it’s me. Don’t you even think of doing it?”