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Supermodels Carmen Dell Orefice (age 91) and Beverly Johnson (age 69) pose naked.

In an interview, Beverly Johnson referred to fashion designer Carmen Dell Orefice as “an idol” and “a mentor.”

Both Beverly Johnson and Carmen Dell Orefice broke new ground when they graced the cover of Vogue, but Dell’Orefice’s recent nude photo shoot at age 91 shows that the modeling industry has a long way to go before it catches up to her.

Johnson, who will be 70 on October 13, gushed over the bombshell as they discussed aging gracefully and the prejudice women face in the design world.

World’s Oldest Supermodel Carmen Dell Orefice, 91, Poses TOPLESS

Photographer Fadil Barisha snapped this portrait of Carmen Dell Orefice for New You magazine, showing her spread out on a luxury bedroom set with a white sheet wrapped over her.

When Johnson appeared on the cover of Vogue for the first time in 1974, she created history. Later, she made history by becoming the first Black woman to grace the cover of Elle France.

In 1946, at the age of 15, Carmen Dell Orefice photographed her first Vogue cover, making her one of the youngest models in the magazine’s history.

What you do for a newborn, Carmen remarked, “nurturing and nourishing the infant with love,” is one of the keys to preserving your beauty. “That’s the type of energy we should be putting into ourselves,” the proverb advises.

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Beverly said that Carmen Dell Orefice had an influence on her style as a model. I’d want it to be known that this lady is an inspiration for me. Johnson praised her as “a woman to aspire to.”

I have the highest regard for this lady; she has been a mentor to me and has no idea. My familiarity with her photographic work is comprehensive. She possesses the largest and most impressive portfolio of any working fashion model.

Johnson has written two books on health and beauty and featured on the covers of over 500 magazines. She has also maintained her public profile with acting roles.

Johnson said, “Right now, I’m doing Pilates.” Everyone is aware that they need to change their diet, increase their water intake, get regular exercise, and establish some kind of routine.

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