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Exactly why Iman Hates It When People Refer to David Bowie as Her “Late Husband”

Iman’s feelings about David Bowie have not changed.

The supermodel said that since the star’s death in 2016, she has been thinking about him “all the time,” as in “every day and every minute.” A friend gave Iman a token of their friendship to help her remember David.

Iman revealed to Hoda Kotb on the October 5 edition of SiriusXM TODAY Show Radio that she wears a necklace with “his name on it” beneath her shirt. I’ve been wearing it ever since the first week following David’s death.

Bowie, who passed away in 2016 at the age of 69 from liver cancer, married Iman in 1992, and she has said he would “always be” her husband.

Why Iman Doesn’t Want People to Call David Bowie Her “Late Husband”

She remarked that people often referred to her spouse as “your late husband,” despite her repeated requests that they did not use such a term. “That guy is not my late spouse. Even if we divorce, he will always be my spouse.”

She said, “Maybe one day you’ll have a similar encounter if you’re fortunate. Simply said, I got fortunate “Hoda then inquired as to whether Iman thought she had lucked out by having met David.

As Iman’s response showed, “Yes, it was predetermined. How come fate chooses certain people and not others?”

She saw in David a reflection of her own father, which was one indication that he was a potential lifelong partner. According to Iman, David inherited his father’s “extremely nice, sensitive, paid attention to everything” personality traits. It was as though “nobody else in the room,” she added when David talked to you.

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She claimed David “wooed me properly” with romantic gestures like bringing flowers to her Paris hotel room and waiting for her at the airport gate when she returned from a trip to the city.

She said that she “truly did me in” after receiving a particularly kind gesture.

In continuation, Iman said, “We’re strolling down the street, and my shoelaces fell undone, and he went on his knees to tie the shoes.”

So what’s the big deal? For her, it was like remembering a time from her youth.

My dad was often doing it when he went down on his knees. To help me, he would drop down on his knees and tie my shoes – Iman said. “When I heard him tying my laces, I thought, “Wow, that’s David Bowie.” You can count on a “yes” from me here. There is a positive answer here.”

Despite being “open to love,” Iman isn’t sure whether she’s “open to that sort of connection” she had with the “Heroes” singer six years after David’s death.

The fashion legend said she sees her late husband David in their 22-year-old daughter, Lexi Jones, in the music and artwork that decorate their house, and in the sunsets that David adored.

Iman still has one desire she would want to make a reality.

She added, “I’d want to see my spouse again if there is an afterlife.” That’s the one I want to steal the show with.

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