Judy Tenuta the bold “Goddess of Love” stand-up comic, has passed away at the age of 72.

WEST COAST HQ: LOS ANGELES — During the 1980s, when stand-up comedy was at its peak, Judy Tenuta travelled with George Carlin and billed herself as the cheekily titled “Goddess of Love.” Sadly, she passed away in 2012 at the age of 69. Age-wise, she belonged to the seventieth decade.

According to publicist Roger Neal, Judy Tenuta passed away on Thursday afternoon in Los Angeles surrounded by her family. Cancer of the ovary was the ultimate killer.

According to Neal, being in her presence was always a joyous experience since “she was a really hilarious, fantastic performer.”

Her flower-accented bouffant hairstyle and heart-shaped face gave off an appearance of innocent innocence, which was immediately destroyed by her booming, gravelly voice and biting wit, along with the occasional cuss word. She referred to the accordion she played as “an instrument of love and surrender” throughout her show.

Judy Tenuta standup comedian dies at 72

Judy Tenuta Dies

She was a part of the generation that made places like Caroline’s in New York City, the Laff Stop in Houston, and the Comedy Store in Los Angeles hotspots for stand-up comedy. Tenuta was one of the few women to break into a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Saddened by the news of the demise of my beautiful friend Miss Judy Tenuta. Weird Al Yankovic, who had her appear in his 1990s TV series and 2006 music video, expressed his shock at her death in a tweet. “A goddess has been gone to Earth forever.”

The “Spinal Tap” star Michael McKean tweeted, “One of a kind. Damn.”

In 1987, Judy Tenuta featured with Ellen DeGeneres, Paula Poundstone, and Rita Rudner in the HBO programme “On Location: Women of the Night,” which catapulted her to national prominence.

Judy Tenuta, Jerry Seinfeld’s counterpart as best male comedy club performer, won an “American Comedy Award” in 1988. Bette Midler, Lily Tomlin, and Robin Williams were all recognised that year for their club or movie work.

I would exchange everything in a minute, if I could just be a wife and mother, wisecracked the gold lamé-wrapped, gum-chewing Tenuta as she took her prize from Carlin.

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She often appeared on Howard Stern and other radio shock jocks’ programmes as well as late-night talk and game shows. Her acting and voiceover resume included roles on “The Weird Al Show” and “Space Ghost Coast to Coast,” among other offbeat projects. They saw her perform in “The Vagina Monologues” in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Both “Attention Butt Pirates and Lesbetarians” (1995) and “In Goddess We Trust” (1996 ) earned Tenuta a Grammy nomination for the best-spoken word comedy album.

She was well-liked by the LGBTQ community and often attended pride events. Her website proudly said that she was “available for same-sex weddings!” since she was an “ordained minister of Judyism.”

Judy Tenuta attended Catholic schools throughout her childhood in the Chicago neighbourhood of Maywood, including one she jokingly referred to as “St. Obnoxious and Bondage.” She had six brothers, all Catholic, and described herself as an “isolated, little flower.” This became one of her stage identities.

Judy Tenuta brash comedian

She did a variety of odd jobs after finishing college, such as meat packaging and stocktaking at a Catholic religious clothing store.

Judy Tenuta told the Associated Press in an interview from 1989, “I was fired because they saw me trying the item on.” “The boss then showed up, and I gather he was a little irate. Well, I have to see whether they look nice, pig, I remarked. I’m working on enhancements for the ladies.

Later, Tenuta began doing stand-up comedy without the assistance of the Chicago-based comedic company Second City. Tenuta said that her performance, which featured the egotistical religion of Judyism, was understood quickly by the vast majority of her audience, despite her odd clothing and strange stage look.

I’m the only one who has that right in my faith. She told AP, “The great thing about my faith is that it allows you to temporarily set aside your own concerns in order to focus on mine.”