Speculation on CM Punk and his possible comeback to WWE

Since the recent ‘Brawl Out’ incident controversy involving The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, AEW star CM Punk has been suspended.

Now that Vince McMahon is out of the picture, some have speculated that CM Punk may try to return to WWE.

In a fresh report/rumor, Xero News claims that Triple H has no plans to reintegrate the former WWE Champion.

The comeback of CM Punk to the WWE


Xero News said on the Xero Uncut podcast that a “higher-up” at the firm had addressed the topic of whether or not Phil Brooks will return.

Xero said, “Regarding Punk, I received a statement from WWE, and Triple H has no plans to bring Punk back to the organization at this time.”

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“The reasoning is because after hearing about what happened with CM Punk and The Elite in AEW, WWE felt, and Triple H said behind the scenes, ‘now Tony will see the real Phil.’

That may be put to rest, for good and all. A McMahon or someone closely associated to a McMahon will prevent CM Punk from returning to WWE.”