The Super Mario Bros Movie teaser is full of evil, as expected.

Nintendo released the first teaser for “The Super Mario Bros Movie,” an animated adventure with a cast full of meme gold. Fans were curious to see how wacky the picture would be with Chris Pratt as Mario and Jack Black as Bowser. The teaser debuted at New York Comic Con and on Nintendo of America’s YouTube channel, where it attracted over 600,000.

The Super Mario Bros Movie trailer’s length might have been longer, but it still held my interest. It was quite strange to hear Chris Pratt‘s voice coming from Mario in animation. And Keegan-Michael Key is brilliant as Toad, scolding Mario for mistaking him for a mushroom. A sassy toad, perhaps? To put it mildly.

The Super Mario Bros Movie teaser

At the beginning of the clip, Bowser is shown spouting his usual hogwash about wanting to grab our stars like it’s a game of “Mario Party.” In keeping with their moniker, Bowser leads the Koopa Troopas to a snowy castle and orders them to unlock the gates. To protect their territory, other penguins attempt to hurl snowballs at him, but they miss.

Black seemed to have really embraced his part as the scary Mario adversary thus far.

Can you even imagine how long it took me to master fire breathing? In a video that ran with the preview, Black deadpanned. I had to take a lesson from Kiss’s Gene Simmons.

the super mario bros movie

Greg Kumparak of our own team said, “Bowser looks menacing! Mario represents Chris Pratt in this analogy.

Indeed, he is correct. Mario is introduced to us as he falls from a warp pipe through a mushroom-filled dream kingdom, only to land abruptly all by himself in the field. It’s great that Chris Pratt’s Mario has so far been reminiscent of Andy Dwyer rather than Star-Lord.

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The Super Mario Bros Movie: It’s been a lifelong ambition of mine to become Mario, Pratt remarked before the teaser dropped. He used to spend a lot of time at the laundry smashing Koopas in the original Mario arcade game.

Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi, and ex-TechCrunch Disrupt speaker and now Donkey Kong, Seth Rogen, were just a few of the stars we missed out on seeing in action. Hopefully they’ll show up in the next teaser!

the super mario movie

The release date for “The Super Mario Bros Movie” is set for April 7, 2023.