The Season 14 Premiere of NCIS Los Angeles Brings Some Worrying News About Hetty.

Is it safe to assume that Linda Hunt’s Hetty won’t be killed off in an offscreen death on NCIS Los Angeles? Yes. Do we still have concerns about the outcomes of her mission in Syria? Yes. However, the debut episode of Season 14 tried its best to make us reconsider the original hypothesis.

Callen (Chris O’Donnell) is brought into Kilbride’s (Gerald McRaney) office for a video conversation with Commander Neal’s (Jennifer Marshall) unit, who were doing joint recon with the Syrian democratic forces and stumbled onto an abandoned school being utilized as a communal safe house.

There were charred human remains and indications of an ambush. In the case of Trudy Chambers, an American whose corpse was found, identification papers were found with her. When he hears it, Callen instantly freezes. He explains that the Trudy he and they both know is a little lady, and he wants to see whether the bones they found back up that impression. In this case, yes. Trudy is a known alias of Hetty’s, but a definitive ID must await dental and DNA confirmation.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 14: Hetty Rescue Plan Revealed

NCIS LA Season 14

NCIS Los Angeles: Kilbride is questioned by Callen about Hetty’s companion Keane (Jeff Kober), but no news of him has come to light in Syria. That someone betrayed her trust if she was attacked in the safe home. Even if it turns out that the bones aren’t hers, she’ll still be in danger. Because there is no such thing as a safe haven in Syria, Kilbride tells Callen, Hetty was in danger the moment she returned, “but then again, this is Hetty we’re talking about. Lord knows she’s just as cruel as a barn cat, and she’s got more lives than a cat.

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They’ll have to wait for updates after that. Callen and their colleagues are working on a case while waiting to hear from Kilbride. They don’t find out until the show’s conclusion. When Callen enters Kilbride’s office, Kilbride offers him a drink. Callen politely declines, asking whether he’ll need it. More so the longer you remain in the industry, but not because of Hetty, not just now, Kilbride assures him.

NCIS Los Angeles: A girl’s body was found, but why would she have one of Hetty’s IDs on her? Kilbride believes that Hetty put it so that whoever discovered her corpse would assume she was killed without forensics. Callen interprets this as evidence that she is in danger, but Kilbride reminds him that this has been the case ever since she returned. Callen wants permission to go seek for her, but like Kilbride’s wish for younger knees, it hasn’t been granted just yet.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 14

NCIS Los Angeles: He informs Callen that things would be different if they had useful information. To put it bluntly, Hetty is on her own till then. Callen is ready to utilize his accrued vacation time to go for his surrogate mother, but Kilbride refuses to allow him to go because of the recent terrorist assault in their own neighborhood.

NCIS Los Angeles: The good news for Callen is that he is getting married to Anna (Bar Paly) after proposing to her in the Season 13 finale. They only need to decide on a location for the wedding. Anna’s plans are “somewhere in between” visiting City Hall and realizing her father Arkady’s (Vyto Ruginis) fantasy of filming Doctor Zhivago with real snow and horses, as Callen describes to Fatima (Medalion Rahimi).