50 Cent’s son gave him $6,700 to repair their strained relationship.

50 Cent News: Just how far would you go to get back in touch with an old friend? Do you want to go back to your native country? Apologize? How about you just ignore them altogether? But suppose you were presented with a substantial quantity of money in exchange for mending fences with your loved ones. Rapper 50 Cent’s son was ready to repair their strained connection in exchange for a significant quantity of money, and so it turned out.

50 Cent Offered $6,700 From Son to Rebuild Relationship

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TMZ said that 50 Cent’s eldest son, Marquise Jackson, offered his dad $6,700 for some alone time. Unfortunately, not only was Jackson’s offer turned down, but he also took a lot of heat for being so extravagant. Jackson responded to the negative feedback with an Instagram image that resembled 50 Cent’s viral “Broke” photo from 2017.

Jackson asked his dad for 24 hours so he could do anything he pleased as a youngster in the caption.


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Since 50 Cent’s 2008 divorce from Shaniqua Tompkins, he and Jackson have had a tense and strained relationship. It has now been claimed by Metro that the rapper has paid out over a million dollars in child support. 50 Cent “used to” adore his kid, but he doesn’t give a damn if he is “struck by a bus,” he stated in an interview in 2020. Still feuding on social media, the rapper posted a clip from Power in which the father murders his kid as a sly dig at Jackson.

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Considering the present status of the latest offer, it seems that reconciliation between this father and son will remain impossible.

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