The new Imagine Dragons video, “I Don’t Like Myself,” was produced in collaboration with Crisis Health Line.

With “I Don’t Like Myself,” an introspective new song, Imagine Dragons have returned, showing compassion for those who, like them, struggle with their mental health.

Imagine Dragons, a rock band from Las Vegas consisting of guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, drummer Daniel Platzman, and lead singer Dan Reynolds, have partnered with the Crisis Text Line to raise awareness about mental health issues and funds for the organization among their fans.

Imagine Dragons Partner With Crisis Health Line For New Video

Imagine Dragons release New Song

The video for “I Don’t Like Myself” is taken from Imagine Dragons’ latest smash album, Mercury – Acts 1 + 2, which includes Cory Henry and JID and a string of tracks that underscore the band’s current inner struggle. Several of the songs, including “Lonely,” “Wrecked,” and “No Time for Toxic People,” deal with the theme of overcoming personal struggles.

To mark World Mental Health Day, the group is spreading the word about free, bilingual (English/Spanish), text-based mental health support and crisis intervention services available around the clock in the continental United States and Puerto Rico.

Dan Reynolds, who has dealt with depression in the past, has said, “I composed this song during a pretty low period for me.” Self-love has always been a challenge for me. Dan believes that his song “I Don’t Love Myself,” in addition to the Crisis Counselors at the Crisis Text Line, can help his fans who are going through tough times find the same solace he has found in counseling.

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The new music video follows Reynolds as he performs and wandecounselingets on the Mercury World Tour, offering his fans hope and encouragement with the lyrics “They’re not better than you.” They don’t exist outside of your head.

Imagine Dragons Partner With Crisis Health

With the popularity of their most recent album and a string of other critically acclaimed works (including Smoke + Mirrors, Evolve, and Night Visions), Reynolds is demonstrating that people from all walks of life struggle with mental health issues and that help is available.

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