Who exactly is TAINA WILLIAMS? The rap star is exposed by FABOLOUS’s daughter.

Taina Williams, the stepdaughter of rapper Fabolous, has called him out for the way he treats his younger daughter, Journey.

When Fabolous and Emily B broke up, Emily B already had a daughter, Taina.

Although Fabolous’s tweet was well-received by his fellow rappers, Taina’s accusations have piqued the interest of his audience.

What exactly is the deal with TAINA WILLIAMS?

Fabolous Ripped Stepdaughter TAINA WILLIAMS

Taina Williams, who is 24 years old, is a prominent Instagram user. In addition to being Emily’s daughter, she is well-known for her relationship with G Herbo and their subsequent move to Bel Air, Beverly Hills.

Reportedly dating since 2019 and already parents to two, the pair have been linked before. Taina announced the birth of her daughter, Emmy Love Wright, on Instagram on May 20 of this year.

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In May of 2021, they had a boy named Essex.

Taina Williams utilizes Instagram, where she has over 2.7 million followers, to promote the cosmetics she uses and post photos of her family.


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Amazing Birthday Wishes for Daughter Journey

On October 10th, Fabolous posted a throwback photo of his and Emily’s youngest daughter, Journey, on Instagram in honor of her birthday.

He concluded his message by saying, “I called you Journey because that’s actually what it’s been. You can’t possibly know what’s going on when you’re experiencing it, but you’ll understand it after it’s through.

To have faith, I think it’s necessary to have faith in the JOURNEY. That’s something I’ve learned from you, and it’s changed the way I look at you in a loving and appreciative way. Everything in your life will eventually add up… 10 • 10 • 2020. Happy Birthday, Journey Jackson,” he said.


According to the news, Emily and Fabolous dated on and off for four years before finally calling it quits early this year.

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The Rapper’s Stepdaughter Gives Him a Call

Taina Williams said that Fabolous made some snide comments about the rapper in a remark that has since been removed, but was recorded in a screengrab by an Instagram user with the name gossipofthecitytea.

An influential person said, “This post is funny. You may not understand while going through it, but you will thereafter. I haven’t cared for my daughter in about a year, and I don’t even care how she is doing, because I’m bitter and angry and the only father my gorgeous kid respect are the ones I can influence. Put down the electronic toys and grow up.

HITC has attempted to contact Fabolous’s representative for comment but has not yet heard back.

Fabolous and Emily have two boys together, Johan Jackson and Jonas Jackson.