There is a whole room in Cher’s $85 million Malibu estate dedicated to her many wigs.

Just as exquisite as you’d imagine, Cher’s Malibu estate is now available to the public for purchase. Which begs the question, how nice of a home can $85,000,000 buy?

The only woman to ever sing anthems like “Believe” and “Strong Enough,” who also happens to be one of the best role models for women over 50 who wear long hair, is the queen of long hair. Reportedly, the diva has a dedicated area in her house where her wigs are stored.

The home was constructed in 1989 in the Italian Renaissance style and is located right off the famed Pacific Coast Highway. The Washington Post (link opens in a new window) states that the breathtaking residence spans 1.7 acres and has a view of the Pacific Ocean. According to Robert Kass of Hilton & Hyland, “Main house is around 13,200 square feet with ocean-facing arched windows and doors. There’s a private infinity pool, tennis court, and guardhouse.”

Cher’s Malibu mansion hits the market for a cool $85M

Cher's Malibu mansion

According to the Washington Post, Cher said in an email that the residence was influenced by the beauty of Venice, Italy. She said the scenery there was unsurpassed. She also said that “every room” had a view of the water.

A spectacular Moorish-style fountain stands in the center of the 40-palm tree-lined road leading to the lovely, gated property. As you approach the grand mansion, you’ll pass a gatehouse that doubles as a guesthouse. If Cher’s Malibu property has seven bedrooms as it claims to, the gatehouse probably sits empty most of the time.

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The agent gave further details about her magnificent house, including the fact that her pool overlooks the Pacific. The master bathroom in the main house is styled like a hammam and has Turkish wood screens; the suite also features a meditation room and two closets, one of which may be used as a panic room. The basement of the home serves as both a gym and a theatre, with access to the outside. The 2002 book The Cher Scrapbook(opens in new tab) claims that Cher keeps almost a hundred hairpieces in a climate-controlled wig room.

Cher's mansion

The gated property has a courtyard with a Moorish-style fountain and a road lined with 40 Palm trees. There are a total of eight sleeping quarters between the main house and the gatehouse.