Before his Toronto concert, Michael Buble told the Maple Leafs to “suck it”

Despite his Canadian citizenship, Michael Buble does not cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

On October 11, while performing in Buffalo, New York, as part of his HigherTour, Buble directed some of his sharper criticism towards the Ontarians in the audience and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Buffalo Sabres shared a video of Buble performing at the performance, in which he can be seen wearing a Sabres jersey and joking that there could be some fans in the audience from Ontario.

Michael Buble roasted the Leafs at one of his shows

Michael Buble Says The Maple Leafs can Suck it

With that, Michael Buble paused and exclaimed, “The Maple Leafs can suck it!” before continuing, “Now I know there will be people who come from Ontario to witness the concert.”

When Michael Buble theatrically raised his fist and exclaimed, “Let’s go, Sabres!” the audience exploded in applause and laughs.

The Sabres may have won the hearts of their fans with this ruse, as seen by the message “…so sure, we adore @MichaelBuble” on the video, but the Leafs may have been less impressed.

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His tour itinerary and bromance with Justin Bieber suggest that his timed dig might make for a hilarious forthcoming performance.

Michael Buble During Concert

On Wednesday, Michael Buble will have to face an audience of Ontarians and Leaf fans at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto to explain his antics from the night before.

On October 15 he will perform in Hamilton, Ontario, so we will get to see whether he can win back the hearts of his displeased supporters before then.

Perhaps the singer will take a hit for the team and make fun of the Montreal Canadiens in order to win over Leaf supporters.