Renee Paquette’s Pro Wrestling Future: A Massive Update

Reports of WWE’s interest in re-signing Renee Paquette surfaced in the previous several weeks. On the other hand, rumors circulated that she would reject WWE’s offer so that she could spend Wednesday evenings with her husband instead. She has made her decision, and it is now clear what it is.

Paquette’s hiring was announced by AEW president Tony Khan on Wednesday night. Khan said, “We’ll see her soon,” suggesting Paquette might make her television debut alongside AEW’s launch in Toronto, Canada.

Renee Paquette Unsure If She’ll Return To Wrestling

Renee Paquette's WWE

Renee Paquette is now serving with her AEW spouse. In April of 2017, Jon Moxley, the three-time defending and current AEW World Champion, wed Paquette. Last summer, they had their first child.

We currently lack information about Paquette’s precise function within AEW as a whole. Her role as a backstage interviewer for WWE made her famous. Tony Schiavone, Alex Marvez, Lexy Nair, and Mark Henry are just a few of the AEW stars that have filled this job recently.

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Renee Paquette went under the ring moniker “Renee Young” throughout her stint in WWE. She was the first regular female commentator for “Raw” and a fixture on “WWE Backstage,” where she conducted interviews with wrestlers and other backstage personnel. Paquette has resumed using her birth name and launched her own podcast series after leaving the organization.

Renee Paquette News

As Saraya, Renee Paquette’s former WWE colleague and “WWE Backstage” companion, made her own debut last month on the Grand Slam edition of “Dynamite,” Paquette’s signing comes on the heels of Saraya’s.