The Conners: See Emma Kenney and Ethan Cutkosky from “Shameless” in a Sneak Peek for the upcoming show.

See Emma Kenney and Ethan Cutkosky from “Shameless” in a Sneak Peek for “The Conners” (Exclusive)

After 11 seasons as members of the Gallagher family on the Showtime series Shameless, Emma Kenney and Ethan Cutkosky are ready to reconnect on The Conners. ET gets an exclusive first peek at Cutkosky’s first episode of the ABC comedy, titled “Parent Trap and Heart Attacks,” while the two actors hint at what’s in store for Cutkosky’s character.

‘The Conners’ Preview: Emma Kenney Reunites

Emma Kenney Reunites With Ethan Cutkosky

Kenney thinks that after his role as the mischievous Carl Gallagher, Cutkosky will be seen as “Neville and Louise’s nephew,” alluding to the characters portrayed by Nat Faxon and Katey Sagal, who have married into the family.

Specifically, Cutkosky portrays Caleb Conner, their cynical 17-year-old nephew who moves in with the Conners when his father dies suddenly. Kenney tells ET on the set of season 5 that “we never met Ethan’s character, however” until his demise. “And now Ethan is joining the Conner family as a nephew.

And in the above clip, Caleb reluctantly meets Darlene (Sara Gilbert), Becky (Lecy Goranson), and Dan (John Goodman), who all bear the brunt of his caustic attitude despite providing him a room in their increasingly cramped house. “Sleeping in the backyard is not a good way to make someone feel welcome in the family. “Is that where you store the moonshine?” Caleb makes a joke about having to sleep in the trailer.

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Cutkosky thinks “it’s great” to come in for “a cameo [on] The Conners,” recalling how he received the call from the program. He goes on to say, “I’m like, ‘Love that,'” and describes how “extremely exciting” it was to “get to celebrate [Emma’s] birthday with her,” given that the two had “spent over 10 birthdays with each other, and half of them have been on location.”

Emma Kenney Reunites

Kenney adds of the season 5 plot, “everything sort of went wild,” which means that Harris (her character) is still grieving from her separation from Aldo (Tony Cavalero). As a result, “she’s sort of going through a little bit of pain and maybe trying to go on and rediscover herself.”

Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC is when you can see The Conners.