Lisa Nandy was confronted by Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid in a furious discussion broadcast lives on TV.

Lisa Nandy, a member of Parliament for the Labour Party, seemed uncomfortable when Susanna Reid questioned her on live television. On Wednesday morning (Oct. 12), the breakfast programme invited the Shadow Secretary of State for Levelling Up, where she was questioned about the continuing strike.

According to the Express, Susanna questioned the lawmaker about her party leader Keir Starmer, who backs workers’ right to strike but “doesn’t appear to endorse” MPs joining the picket line. In addition, the presenter questioned Lisa Nandy on why he wasn’t there at the picket line for the National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers (RMT) as Labour shadow minister Sam Tarry was.

Labour’s Lisa Nandy grilled on live TV by Susanna Reid

Lisa Nandy

For attending an RMT protest, Susanna reported that “frontbencher Sam Tarry” was fired. “Have you got any proof that Sir Keir Starmer would show up on a picket line with striking workers?”

Lisa Nandy said that she was not picketing “to call the Government to account as people deserve a salary boost,” and that she was also meeting with her constituents. On the other hand, Susanna remained unmoved and said, “What’s the difference between supporting your people and supporting strikers who are on a picket line?” Why was Sam Tarry fired but not you?

As a rebuttal, Lisa Nandy said, “My personal understanding is Tarry was dismissed for doing unauthorised media appearances and announcing policies which had not been accepted.” Susanna pressed on with her line of inquiry by asking, “[Tarry] stated employees should receive an inflationary wage boost, do you disagree with that?”

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I agree that Britain needs a wage raise, the politician said, but what the country really needs is a government that doesn’t spend money it doesn’t have. I can’t get engaged in making up pay relations on national TV because I haven’t seen the books and haven’t been invited to the talks.

What I can say is that the Welsh Government’s strategy of treating its workers as partners rather than opponents is one that we would adopt were we in power. This strategy was successful in preventing a rail strike in Wales. In response to Susanna’s persistent questioning, Lisa Nandy retaliated by claiming that the government had “crashed the economy through borrowing,” leading to an escalation of tensions.

Good Morning Britain

‘We are going to go out there and deal with that issue in person,’ she said. We won’t wait for the next election to begin pressuring the government. People who were watching the broadcast at home turned to social media to discuss the interview, and their reactions were fairly evenly divided.

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Colin Bastafield: “Lisa Nandy telling you why Labour are not electable!”

#GMB.” . @Domain Harry said, “Nandy is being owned by my Susanna #gmb.” What are Richard and Susanna arguing over, @DOPreston asked. That Lisa Nandy interview was very gloomy. #GMB.”

To which Rob said, “Susanna was awful as well, which was to be expected. Always trying to trip Lisa Nandy up with strange, obviously bad-faith questions. #GMB.”

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