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Face It Alone, a song recorded by Queen with late singer Freddie Mercury has been released.

Bandmates of Queen’s late lead singer Freddie Mercury have shared a previously unheard track. Mercury passed away in 1991.

This is the first new song featuring the late frontman’s immediately recognizable voice in eight years.

Brian May, on guitar, and Roger Taylor, on drums, were the ones who initially let fans know that a song called “Face It Alone” existed.

Taylor noted in a statement following the song’s release, “We’d sort of forgotten about this tune.”

Queen releases ‘forgotten’ song Face It Alone

And yet, here was this precious diamond. The finding is fantastic in every way. Intense emotion permeates this work.

The original version of Face It Alone was recorded by the band in 1988 for their landmark 1989 album The Miracle.

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During this time, the band recorded close to 30 songs, most of which were never published.

Mercury’s longtime lover Jim Hutton said in an interview with The New York Times that the singer was diagnosed with AIDS a year prior to this recording, in 1986.

Mercury’s renowned vocals shine brightly over a backdrop of powerful percussion and a cutting electric guitar tune in this passionate ballad in which he reflects on life and power.

Mercury passed away from AIDS-related pneumonia two years after The Miracle was first released.

The band uncovered the song while working on a reissue of The Miracle.

The eight-disc collector’s edition box set will contain conversations between the band members in the studio as well as six previously unreleased tracks, four of which feature Mercury on vocals.

In a statement, May expressed his satisfaction with the team’s discovery.

It’s amazing to hear the four of us back in the studio together, finishing off a terrific song concept that we had years ago.

May and Taylor’s inclusion of Mercury and Michael Jackson’s duet “There Must Be More to Life Than This” in the 2014 Queen Forever collection was the last time fans heard new music featuring Mercury’s vocals.

Queen has been on the road since 2011 when American Idol star Adam Lambert replaced Mercury and founding bassist John Deacon with Neil Fairclough.

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