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It seems we’ve reached rock bottom, therefore Stephen Colbert has decided to host a celebrity pickleball show.

Pickleball is one of those new games that has suddenly spread to every quiet neighborhood, bringing with it its raucous, repetitive thwacking noises and small paddle wielders with unquenchable zeal. Whence did it emerge? Everyone is in the dark about it. It has spread like kudzu among recreational sports. It is also the foundation of CBS’s newest celebrity competition.

The Wrap reports that Stephen Colbert will be hosting the event, which will include celebrities like Dierks Bentley, Will Ferrell, Emma Watson, Daniel Dae Kim, Max Greenfield, Luis Guzman, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tig Notaro, and Kelly Rowland battling for pickleball immortality. It’s for a good cause (Comic Relief), so it would be unfair to criticize it too harshly, but it might be a hint that culture as we know it is dead.

Stephen Colbert Will Host A Celebrity Pickleball Show

Stephen Colbert said in a statement, “If you love pickleball and you love celebrities and you love helping people, you’re going to enjoy seeing these celebrities serve others by playing pickleball.”

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Until the meteoric rise of Lip Sync Battle, it was widely assumed that all human cultures had been exhausted. However, it now seems that there was still a little amount of art left to be squished through the mill and become content. Stephen Colbert and Kenny Loggins will perform a duet of the National Anthem on the premiere of Pickled, which airs on CBS and Paramount+ on November 17th.

Tom Brady’s purchase of a professional pickleball team coincides with this occurrence, providing one of those uncommon phenomena that makes you wonder whether you’re too old or too young to get it.

Tom Brady’s recent decision to join the Pickleball craze is cause for cautious optimism, given his track record with digital currencies like Bitcoin.

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