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Exclusive: Christina Milian Talks About Replacing Naya Rivera in “Step Up”

Christina Milian: Now airing on Starz, Season 3 of “Step Up: High Water” has officially begun. High Water is a training ground for up-and-coming artists, and its youthful performers are the focus of the show. All the drama, intrigue, and stellar acting from previous seasons will return for Season 3.

Christina Milian, who plays the lead role, recently told The List that her co-stars have improved their performances over the years. She said that this season’s participants “bring skill,” whether in rapping or dancing. Accordingly, it seems that followers have a lot to look forward to.

This season marks Christina Milian’sdebut in the show’s cast. She replaced Naya Rivera in the recurring role of Collette Jones. When Rivera, who had played Collette for the first two seasons, was killed in a car crash in the year 2020, the show was forced to end. Christina Milian was under a lot of scrutinies when he was brought on to the program to replace Rivera. Christina Milian discussed the difficulties of the situation and her efforts to commemorate Rivera in an exclusive conversation with The List.

How Christina Milian is honoring Naya Rivera in Step Up

Christina Milian, in her new role as Collette Jones, made a point of being aware of and appreciative of Naya Rivera’s contributions to the part. “That was a fantastic performance by her in that part… She went all the way in imagining what would happen in this scenario before I began to play it “Said, Christina Milian. I wanted to continue this narrative in a manner that wouldn’t be too distracting for “Step Up” fans while simultaneously showing respect and paying tribute to her legacy.

Christina Milian claims that studying the script and praying helped her empathize with the character and accept the circumstances of the role. Having prepared well, she felt at ease in her performance as Collette. She did a good job of embodying the persona of Collete and Naya Rivera, even if she didn’t create the part. “I was able to put myself in her shoes and appreciate her perspective. It’s dramatic, there’s a lot of skill on display, and it has a lot of gothic, sexual, and muscular undertones “According to Christina Milian. “I was being everything in a role that I’ve ever fantasized of becoming.”

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Being the new girl on set

When I joined “Step Up” for Season 3, most of the cast had been there from the beginning, so it presented its own set of issues. Christina Milian, the “new girl” on set, said she planned to be polite and take things slowly. “I never had been in a scenario like this where this series, the two seasons were so established,” she said of the show’s rocky start.

Because “the memory of everything was dragging on [the cast],” she preferred to take things slowly. She didn’t want to create any grief for Naya Rivera’s family by taking up a part that had previously been played by another actress in the ensemble. “I performed the baby steps and bonded to their progress through each episode,” she said, emphasizing the need for respect.

Aside from Ne-Yo, who portrays Sage Odom, she did recognize a few other cast members on set. Since he portrays her on-screen love interest, they’ve been working together for quite some time. She already had a support system in place in the form of the choreographers, Jamaica Craft and Kiki Ely, and was able to use that to her advantage as she got to know the rest of the cast and crew.

This Sunday, October 16th, at midnight, “Step Up” will launch on the Starz app, all Starz streaming and on-demand platforms, and worldwide on the Starzplay premium streaming platform.

Stars You Might Not Know Have Died

Which celebs did you not know about who has just passed away? There were widespread mourning and memorials after the deaths of celebrities like Regis Philbin and Naya Rivera (from Glee). However, the death of a celebrity doesn’t always make headlines, and sometimes followers don’t even notice when someone they’ve loved for years has passed away.

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Even while their legacies in cinema and television will endure, the loss of a celebrity who was beloved by fans may be devastating. When the news of the death of a beloved celebrity is not met with the appropriate outpouring of grief, it may be devastating for fans and those who knew them. It doesn’t matter whether these people died of disease, addiction, or a freak accident; what’s certain is that we lost some wonderful people.

Read on to learn about the passing of a variety of celebrities, from mainstays of long-running TV programs to well-recognized bit players.

Natasha Richardson died in a tragic skiing accident

Natasha Richardson was a famous actress who starred in hit movies including The Parent Trap and Nell. Richardson was also well-known due to her family ties; she was the sister of Joely Richardson and the daughter of Oscar-winning actress Vanessa Redgrave. She was also married to the actor Liam Neeson, whose life story is sad.

Richardson was on vacation at Canada’s Mont Tremblant ski resort in 2009 when she injured herself in a skiing accident. ABC News said she originally said she was alright and laughed off the incident. However, a ski patroller advised medical attention. Richardson, despite her protests, went back to her room at the hotel and continued to insist that everything was OK.

A little time later, she was brought to the nearest hospital in an ambulance. Despite being taken to a hospital in New York City, she tragically lost unexpectedly at age 45. Researchers concluded that “an epidural hematoma related to a hard hit to the head” was the actual cause of death.

Later, Neeson erased a Facebook post in which he eulogized his late wife, but the message was reported by VIP.

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