Detailed analysis of Louis from Fire Emblem Engage

In today’s look at Fire Emblem Engage, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems provide information on Louis, a playable character whose voice is provided by Haruki Ishiya in the Japanese version of the game.

Louis serves the King and Queen of Philene as a castle knight. His huge armor belies his compassionate nature and his desire to see his friends and allies succeed in their endeavors together. His starting job is that of an Armored Lance, a strongly fortified unit that fights with lances. Despite his formidable defenses, he has a serious vulnerability to magic.

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In the clip below, Louis and Alear discuss how Louis enjoys keeping a discreet distance from his friends, which appears to perplex Alear.

Bruce Willis and his kids enjoy some time outside despite his recent diagnosis of aphasia.

Fire Emblem Engage- Louis