Former ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ star Vaishali Thakkar was discovered dead at her Indore residence.

In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, on Sunday, the body of TV actress Vaishali Thakkar was discovered, the police stated. That actress was just 29 when she died.

According to the news, Vaishali Thakkar committed suicide by hanging herself in her house. Police inspector RD Kanwa told PTI that neighbors of Saibag Colony, where Thakker lived, called 911 after seeing her hanging from a ceiling fan with a piece of cloth.

Doctors at MY Hospital, where she was transported, pronounced her dead upon arrival. A postmortem will be performed on the corpse. The contents of the suicide note discovered in her chamber are still under investigation and so cannot be disclosed Truth was revealed, as he had told.

Sasural Simar ka Actress Vaishali Thakkar Dies by Suicide

Sasural Simar ka Actress Dies by Suicide

In her suicide note, which was found in Takkar, she blames a guy for her death. Hari Narayan Mishra of the Indore Police Commission was cited in an Aaj Tak article. According to the news account, the individual is known to Thakker’s relatives and resides in their neighborhood. A subsequent investigation found that the married individual in issue had been pestering Thakkar.

The commissioner said that they had not identified a suspect in the case as of yet. Authorities have searched the 29-year-old actress’s home for evidence and potential connections to her murder.

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Police have gathered many artifacts for their inquiry, including Thakkar’s personal journal. Additionally, the actress documented her struggles with depression in Indore inside the pages of her own journal. The actress’s relatives have not yet told the police about the incident.

Vaishali Thakkar’s career began with “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,” but it was “Sasural Simar Ka” that she really came into her own as an actor. She has appeared in almost a dozen television series.

Vaishali Thakkar Dead

Mahidpur town in the Ujjain district was where Thakkar grew up. Reports said that Se had spent the previous three years residing in Indore.