“Zero percent surprised”: Insider stories of Bill Murray’s disturbing pranks show legend’s “evil side”

The Los Angeles Times reports that Bill Murray has been the subject of several complaints of disturbing conduct on set, leading some to speculate that the comedian may have a darker side. Despite the fact that the audience was laughing so hard at his deadpan delivery of some of the funniest lines, it was recently revealed that the actor had an awkward habit of flirting.

An anonymous source said that during the filming of the medical drama Being Mortal, directed by Aziz Ansari, Murray attempted to kiss and straddle a “far younger lady” while wearing a mask. According to a report in the New York Post, Murray paid more than $100,000 to ensure that she would not discuss the film’s production or file a lawsuit against its creators. A producer said, “I was zero percent startled when word came about the event on ‘Being Mortal.'” The only strange thing is that it hasn’t occurred sooner.

Bill Murray’s DISTURBING antics reveal ‘dark side’ of legend

Zero Percent Surprised

Bill Murray would try to flirt with everyone on set, from the “young PAs” to the “women in makeup and costume,” according to the same producer who said, “Bill Murray flirts with [people] on a set and it goes too far. Kissing someone with a mask is too far. It’s his way of hitting on women, though I haven’t seen him touch anyone.”

With these allegations, the ‘Meatballs star‘s reputation has taken a considerably darker turn. Production assistant Sean O’Banion revealed that the veteran comedian caused some friction on set by insulting Lucy Liu, one of the film’s stars, due to a rewrite of the script that neither of them had seen. O’Banion recalled that an irate Liu had called Murray a “f*****g c**ks****r” before storming off set. “We all stood there with our mouths open, but within an hour, they resumed filming. Bill did not return for the sequel,” O’Banion continued. Director McG also said that Murray headbutted him at one point during filming. He informed the London Times that the report was “B******t… Complete garbage,” denying the story’s accuracy.

In the wake of James Corden’s temporary restaurant ban, comparisons to Ellen DeGeneres have surfaced.

In addition, the Post reveals that during the filming of “What About Bob,” Murray threw an ashtray at Richard Dreyfuss. There have been many instances of violent conflict throughout his life. According to Gavin Edwards, author of “The Tao of Bill Murray,” “on the first day of shooting for ‘Ghost Busters,’ he hoisted Sigourney Weaver up onto his shoulders [for no apparent reason]. She was a good sport, but it was indicative of Murray’s dark side. there’s often a bit of putting other people in their places.”

In addition, Seth Green claims that nine-year-old Murray dragged him by the ankles and threw him into a garbage can. The ‘Austin Powers actor recalls, “I raced away, crouched under the table in my dressing room, and just wept.” Anjelica Houston of ‘The Addams Family is another famous face who has spoken out about how embarrassing Murray can be. In one incident from the set of “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou,” he “asked the whole ensemble to go have dinner, except me…. He was a s**t to me,” as recounted by The Cut. Geena Davis claims in her book “Dying of Politeness” that Bill Murray forced him to massage her back as she was lying in a hotel bed.

Bill Murray History

Those who are familiar with his actions are almost unanimous in their belief that the general audience is too star-struck by the actor, whom they know to be a comedic legend, to see this side of him. The author of “The Tao of Bill Murray” noted that “there’s an undertone of anger in many of these instances” that he feels are meant to force individuals out of their ruts and are supposed to wake them up. Producers say the actor is “all id” in their minds.