After a long career in professional wrestling, Dalton Castle reflects on an ironic incident from his early days.

Alison Rosen’s podcast, “Is Your New Best Friend?” included an interview with Dalton Castle.

An old match from a “Stop The Violence” event was brought up in conversation, as the former ROH Champion who will face Chris Jericho for the championship on tonight’s AEW Dynamite is set to defend his title against Jericho.

Some of the highlights of Dalton Castle are shown here.

Dalton Castle Reflects On Ironic Story


I was 16 and I used to travel; I wasn’t actively pursuing a career in professional wrestling at the time, but all of my buddies were. This wasn’t quite Rome, New York, but it was close. There wasn’t a referee, but they figured this man could handle it.” We have him in our midst at this time. It took place in a school gym, and I received a striped shirt as a gift. Maybe forty or fifty people were there, and since they were all dispersed, the place seemed enormous. At about the three or four mark on the program, I had to referee a rather intense bout.

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Recalling the day a lady protested the match he was officiating at a “Stop The Violence” rally, saying it was counterproductive to the cause, he said, “There were these two fellas wailing each other with light tubes and chairs and blood everywhere in this empty gymnasium.” Screams of “STOP THE MATCH!” echoed down the hall. When I turned around, I saw the event’s curator, a lady sobbing uncontrollably and demanding that the match be halted since it was a benefit for a group called Stop The Violence and no one had warned her about it. With a shrug of my shoulders, I rang the doorbell.