A Likeness to Teresa, According to ‘La Reina del Sur’s’ Kate del Castillo “I Can’t Tell If That’s Good or Bad” [Exclusive]

Similarities between Kate del Castillo and Teresa Mendoza, her role in the Telemundo/Netflix series La Reina del Sur, were cited by the actress playing Mendoza.

In the story about a lady who falls in love with a pilot working for the Mexican drug cartel, Teresa is a rebellious and powerful character who frequently resorts to her strength merely to live. After witnessing the execution of her lover, Teresa finds herself the subject of a sequence of events that will inevitably alter her personality.

La Reina del Sur: Del Castillo told Showbiz Cheat Sheet, “There’s a lot [of parallels to Teresa Mendoza].” That might be good or awful [laughs]. So, we’re both Mexican, I guess. Furthermore, we take great pride in our Mexican heritage. We are patriotic citizens.

We adore tequila, both of us, she said with a chuckle. And we have a soft spot for males. Neither one of us is feeling very romantic right now. We can only hope that’s changing for both of them. Furthermore, I believe we are equally honest and direct with one another. We’ve both gone through a lot, and in a sense, I feel like we’re the stronger for it. Okay, so here we are.

‘La Reina del Sur’ Season 1 was extremely transformative

However, del Castillo is not an exact replica of Teresa. Actually, del Castillo had some difficulty with the character transformation in the first season of La Reina del Sur. “The first season was incredibly challenging for me because from being a really innocent young girl, she becomes this cold adult, you know?” she reflected on the early episodes.

And she kills,” she said. If you want to keep on living, yes. They were due it, no doubt. The devastation done to her is enormous. She has been mistreated in every conceivable manner. So, that part of her where she had to murder or make judgments about life and death struck me as really frigid. equal to or better than any other role I’ve performed.”

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Kate del Castillo said you can’t judge your character

Del Castillo has a history of playing characters on the outside of society or on the run, so her role in La Reina del Sur isn’t the first time she’s done so.

Oh my God, how am I going to depict a human trafficker? I had to play one once. She noted that you can’t assess your character” was one of the lessons taught to her in acting courses. To really comprehend and refrain from passing judgment, you must put yourself in their position. Thus, I acted accordingly. But since it’s the antagonist, it took me a bit to get into it.

And I get that she’s not perfect and that she has many problems, but murder is on a whole other level. You know what though? She had been born into a world she had not chosen, and her life had taken a path she had not envisioned. So she worked hard, and she succeeded,” she said. And taking in the sight of a world governed by mortals. For your own survival, you’ll need to make choices, and major ones at that. That’s why she did it, then.

Angela in ‘Til Jail Do Us Part, ‘ is the opposite of Teresa in ‘La Reina del Sur’

Del Castillo has shown herself to be a versatile performer, most notably as Angela, the polar opposite of Teresa, in ‘Til Jail Do Us Part. Del Castillo’s favorite part of working on the series was getting to know and work with the other women cast members.

When compared to Teresa and del Castillo, Angela is very different. She described her as a “very feminine lady who relies [on] on others.” She can’t access a firearm, and she can’t handle one if she does. She has a drug problem and a cosmic outlook. Those experiences have helped me immensely as a performer. The show is great fun, so there’s that.

On Tuesday, October 18 at 9 pm ET/PT, Telemundo will air the beginning of Season 3 of La Reina del Sur.