Justin Bieber: What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?


Justin Bieber Diagnosed with “Ramsay Hunt Syndrome”

Justin Bieber was recently hospitalized for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. The syndrome is a rare disorder that can cause facial paralysis, vertigo, and other health problems. Bieber is just one of the estimated 2,000 people in the United States with the syndrome. There is no cure for the disorder, but there are treatments that can help lessen its symptoms. The pop star Justin Bieber has revealed that a rare medical condition “Ramsay Hunt Syndrome,” caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox, has temporarily paralyzed half of his face.

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Suga Net Worth 2022


Introduction: Who is Suga?

Suga is the stage name of Min Yoon-gi, a South Korean rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is best known as a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys. He was born on March 9, 1993, in Daegu, South Korea. He began his music career in 2010 and has since released two extended plays and one full-length album. He is also a member of the hip-hop trio Homme.

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