It was 2018 when Matthew Perry said he was almost dead from his addiction.

Matthew Perry News

Due to his battles with alcoholism and opiate addiction, “Friends” actor Matthew Perry has spoken publicly about his near-death experience from years ago.

Matthew Perry, 53, says he was given a 2% chance of life in 2018 during a prolonged hospital stay, according to an interview he gave People magazine for its cover story. An actor’s publicist at the time said the actor suffered a stomach perforation.

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After a long career in professional wrestling, Dalton Castle reflects on an ironic incident from his early days.

Dalton Castle Story

Alison Rosen’s podcast, “Is Your New Best Friend?” included an interview with Dalton Castle.

An old match from a “Stop The Violence” event was brought up in conversation, as the former ROH Champion who will face Chris Jericho for the championship on tonight’s AEW Dynamite is set to defend his title against Jericho.

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“Zero percent surprised”: Insider stories of Bill Murray’s disturbing pranks show legend’s “evil side”

Bill Murray

The Los Angeles Times reports that Bill Murray has been the subject of several complaints of disturbing conduct on set, leading some to speculate that the comedian may have a darker side. Despite the fact that the audience was laughing so hard at his deadpan delivery of some of the funniest lines, it was recently revealed that the actor had an awkward habit of flirting.

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Ralph Macchio discusses ‘Cobra Kai’ and his friendship with Pat Morita in the new issue of ‘Waxing On’ To paraphrase, “it was magic.”

Cobra Kai

Ralph Macchio: Mr. Miyagi, the wise karate instructor, once told his student Daniel-san, “Man who catches a fly with chopstick do everything.” As the actor who played the underdog Daniel LaRusso in the first three “Karate Kid” films and Netflix’s “Cobra Kai,” writing a book doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch. After all, he did catch a fly.

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