Scott Kelly announced Retirement from Music After He Admits to Abusing Family!

On Saturday, Scott Kelly, singer, guitarist, and founding member of the metal band Neurosis, came to Facebook to “address certain misconceptions and put the record right” concerning the “emotional, financial, verbal, and physical abuse of my wife and younger children.”

Author R.L. Kelly claims he covered up the violence he suffered and “I separated from my relatives and friends, and I devised methods to keep my wife and children home from job and school.

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Ezra Miller Latest News – “Accused Of Grooming An 18-Year-Old”!

Ezra Miller has been accused once again of providing narcotics to a child. In Miller’s case, controversy is a given. As Miller’s name is now linked to the grooming of an activist, things are far more severe this time.

In the last few weeks, a couple has taken this actor to court for allegedly supplying their 18-year-old daughter with drinks and narcotics.

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