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According to the lawsuit filed by Angelina Jolie, she and her children were physically abused by Brad Pitt in 2016.

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Angelina Jolie filed a cross complaint against her ex-husband Brad Pitt on Tuesday, disclosing new details about what she described in court 

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The actress told an FBI agent that Pitt "physically and verbally assaulted" her and their children. 

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Angelina Jolie alleges that Pitt "choked one of the children" and "hit another in the face" while verbally abusing them during a fight on a private jet in 2016.  

The Fight Club actor allegedly assaulted their kids in 2016 when they tried to protect their mother. 

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There was reportedly a $54.5 million arrangement for Pitt to buy out her part, but it fell through when Jolie accused Pitt of abusing her 


The countersuit claims that during the 2016 confrontation, "Pitt choked one of the children and struck another in the face" and "grabbed Jolie 

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For $67 million, Jolie's legal team sold a portion of the winery to a division of the worldwide beverage giant Stoli Group. 

According to the lawsuit, after the plane arrived, Pitt yelled at Jolie and shoved her to the ground when she informed him that she and the children were checking into a hotel.

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