The Masked Singer

Watch as 'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Ep 3 Reveals Something Very Brady Below!

The Masked Singer on Wednesday night, proving that the show is really getting into its stride (Oct. 5). 

Chris Kirkpatrick 

Hummingbird's identity was finally unveiled as NSYNC singer Chris Kirkpatrick on week 2. 

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Knight is William Shatner

First, Knight's armor was removed to reveal the Star Trek legend, William Shatner. The 91-year-old actor called The Masked Singer "one of the more unusual experiences".

Season 8 of the musical guessing game is here with a brand new crop of singing stars hidden under elaborate costumes. 

Next to go was Pi-Rat, the rat dressed as a pirate who also performed with a singing rat puppet 

This season will feature more contestants than ever before with 22 masked celebrities vying for the win, 

The Mummies, the act that was eliminated first, were "TV royalty," in the words of the show's presenter, Nick Cannon. 

Montell Jordan

Panther, who put up a strong fight, but ultimately got the boot and was revealed to be singer Montell Jordan.  

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