Boo Bitch Release Date 2022- When will be available on Netflix? What roles will the actors play?

Boo Bitch Release Date: Although this is a common plot device, a new Netflix limited series takes it a step further by actually having the protagonist experience events that change the course of their life. On Friday, July 8th, all eight episodes of Boo, Bitch will be made accessible for watching and downloading at the same time on Netflix in all regions. Boo, Bitch! was developed by Erin Ehrlich and Lauren Iungerich, who also serves as the show’s showrunners.

Boo Bitch Release Date, Cast, Trailer, And More

boo bitch Release Date

The eight-part series moves Halloween and the spooky season to the summer of 2022 when high school student Erika Vu wakes one morning and realizes she is indeed a ghost. He doesn’t realize that she’s physically inside the shell. Senior Erika Vu, played by Lana Condor, determines to finally experience the wild nightlife of her dreams.

Everything is going better than she could have ever dreamed, with the exception of one little detail: when she wakes up the following morning, she is no longer alive. Now that Erika Vu is a ghost, she has to fill in some of the blanks she left behind.

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Beginning on Friday, July 8th, all eight episodes of Boo, Bitch will be immediately accessible for watching and downloading on Netflix in all countries.

Boo Bitch: The Cast

Lana Condor, who you may recognize from Netflix’s All the Boys, portrays Erika Vu in Boo Bitch. She is just 25, yet she is already one of the drama’s executive producers. Condor is also well-known for her appearances as Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse, Li in Patriots Day, Koyomi in Alita: Battle Angel, Saya Kuroki in Deadly Class, and Lexi in Summer Night.

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Zoe Colletti, from Fear the Walking Dead, plays Erika’s closest friend Gia, and Tick, Tick…BoomMasonVersaw !’s plays Jake C., the man Erika has a thing on. Tenzing Norgay Trainor of Modern Family fame portrays the medium Gavin, while Aparna Brielle of The Dead Girls Detective Agency fame plays the popular student Riley. Devon is played by Jason Genao (On My Block) and Alyssa Jirrels (also from On My Block).

In addition to these actors:

  • Replacing Brad is Reid Miller.
  • Playing the role of Mrs. Vu is Cathy Vu.
  • Jake W., played by Conor Husting.
  • Actor Austin Fryberger plays Archer.
  • Actor Ben Cain as Fred
  • Lea (Jami Alix)
  • Sail by Savira Windyani
  • Taking up the role of Sophia is Brittany Bardwell.
  • Jake M., played by Michael Solomon.
  • Oleanna, played by Laura Louise
  • Raven (Abigail Achiri)
  • As Leo, Ollie Walters
  • Chase, played by Nick Benson
  • Cast: Asia King as Portia
  • As Diego, Isidoro Perez
  • Actress Susan Song plays Mrs. Huang
  • Actor John Brantley Cole as Dr. Vu
  • Keisha, played by Violet Spingarn
  • Oliver Vu, portrayed by Van Brunelle
  • To play May, Jenn Santos
  • Dollar, played by Mary Aldousary
  • Darwin, portrayed by Mason Lawrence

boo bitch

What Is Boo Bitch All About?

Boo Bitch follows the story of Erika Vu, who discovers after a night out that she is a spirit reincarnated on Earth. Knowing that her time on Earth was limited, Erika and her pals made the decision to tackle a lengthy to-do list.

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Erica is certain that her recent death would catapult her to influencer prominence and prevent her from spending time in the tombs. Netflix’s limited series about teenage ghosts draws less on classics like The Sixth Sense and more on recent Rebel Wilson comedies like Senior Year and Book Smart.

Boo, Bitch Trailer

The hilarious new trailer for Boo Bitch, available on Netflix, gives viewers their first look into Erika Vu’s fantastic and bizarre world. The teaser also teases that Erika hopes to gain even more notoriety in the afterlife than she did in her lifetime.

On Friday, July 8, Boo Bitch will debut on Netflix.