A Likeness to Teresa, According to ‘La Reina del Sur’s’ Kate del Castillo “I Can’t Tell If That’s Good or Bad” [Exclusive]

La Reina del Sur

Similarities between Kate del Castillo and Teresa Mendoza, her role in the Telemundo/Netflix series La Reina del Sur, were cited by the actress playing Mendoza.

In the story about a lady who falls in love with a pilot working for the Mexican drug cartel, Teresa is a rebellious and powerful character who frequently resorts to her strength merely to live. After witnessing the execution of her lover, Teresa finds herself the subject of a sequence of events that will inevitably alter her personality.

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Teen Mom The Next Chapter: Catelynn Lowell’s reaction to discovering Briana DeJesus’s secret boyfriend: shock

Teen Mom The Next Chapter

On the October 18 episode of “Teen Mom The Next Chapter,” Briana DeJesus introduced her new lover, who is someone her co-stars previously knew.

In the October 18 episode of Teen Mom The Next Chapter, Briana DeJesus mimicked Whitney Houston by saying she’s been secretly dating a bodyguard, to the dismay of her other cast members. The bodyguard isn’t just any old guy, however; it’s Catelynn Lowell’s own personal security detail!

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In “The Challenge” with his ex-girlfriend Tori Deal, Jordan Wiseley “had to do some real thinking.”

Jordan Wiseley

Season 38 of The Challenge was not a “break up” focused season (rather the reverse, in fact), but it did bring Jordan Wiseley face to face with his ex-fiancee Tori Deal.

We hadn’t seen one other in a year and a half, and there was just so much there that still needed to be spoken,” Wiseley, 32, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “We realized we had to have a conversation about certain things.”

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The Conners: See Emma Kenney and Ethan Cutkosky from “Shameless” in a Sneak Peek for the upcoming show.

The Conners Preview

See Emma Kenney and Ethan Cutkosky from “Shameless” in a Sneak Peek for “The Conners” (Exclusive)

After 11 seasons as members of the Gallagher family on the Showtime series Shameless, Emma Kenney and Ethan Cutkosky are ready to reconnect on The Conners. ET gets an exclusive first peek at Cutkosky’s first episode of the ABC comedy, titled “Parent Trap and Heart Attacks,” while the two actors hint at what’s in store for Cutkosky’s character.

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Zelda: People mistakenly believe Tom Holland will play Link after seeing fake posters on Netflix.

Fake Zelda Netflix

Zelda Netflix: While convincing fakes have been a problem since at least the invention of photography, the amount of individuals who have determined that a series of AI-generated Zelda posters now circulating online are genuine is astonishing. Nearly 30,000 people have shared these bogus photographs of an alleged Netflix-produced Zelda series, many of whom seem to believe they are legit. Get real, here. Even original poster Dan Leveille acknowledges they’re fakes in their post!

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Freaky Friday 2: Disney has been contacted by Jamie Lee Curtis to discuss the possibility of a sequel.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Freaky Friday 2, starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster and adapted from a novel by Mary Rodgers, debuted in theatres for the first time in 1976. Disney remade the film in 2003 with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in the lead roles. Despite another Disney Channel Original remake in 2018 starring Heidi Blickenstaff and Cozi Zuehlsdorff, this film became the most well-known account of the cherished mother-daughter narrative.

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